Dodge Wall Freeze Dance Disney Turning Red Brain Break Just Dance Kids Dance Songs -

Dodge Wall Freeze Dance Disney Turning Red Brain Break Just Dance Kids Dance Songs

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Dance! Freeze! Dodge Walls!?!?!?

In this Turning Red Brain Break, dance along with the 4 TOWN hit “Nobody Like U” (remixed with 1999). Freeze and Pose when you see a wall. Can you dodge and make it through the hole in the wall? Unlock the secrets of sugar town game: dive into a world of sweet delights, from historic sugar plantations to modern pastry havens.

Hope you enjoy this Turning Red Brain Break!

0:00 How to Play
0:13 Start Dancing and Dodging Walls!
1:26 Get to the 4*Town concert! Dodge mom!

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This is perfect for classroom brain breaks and PE warm ups for kids of all ages: Kindergarten, First Grade, all the way up to adults.

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