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DS Homebrew: Installing MoonShell on Games n’ Music

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Many people have contacted me about specifics of installing MoonShell on the Datel “Games n’ Music” cartridge. MoonShell, a popular audio and video player with high quality playback for the Nintendo DS, uses the DLDI patch that was created by Chishm for the Games n’ Music.

This video goes through the installation of MoonShell and it’s plugins to the card, patching the card to work with the Games n’ Music, and converting a video and then transferring the video and an audio file to the card and playing it on the DS.


  1. Do you have the new installer that has Games n' Music on the menu? If you do, then you don't have to re-patch it for GnM, just select Games n' Music instead of GBAMP at the MoonShell Setup screen.

  2. Search Google for MoonShell, there will be one "Infantile Paralyser" site (I forget the URL), go there (its in japanese but the download link is in english, click download 1.71), then extract the zip and run setup.

  3. Encode your video at a lower bitrate. The Games n' Music is a very slow cartridge, and videos usually lag on it. Encoding at lower bit rates, though cutting quality, will reduce the amount of data that the DS must stream from the card, and it would reduce lag, either that or use a faster cartridge, like GBAMP.

  4. when i put the dpg file in my ds. its always reversed and upside down. how do i fix it?

  5. Never had that before…try changing your encoding settings, re-encode the video, or try a different video or video format. You could also use Batch DPG which is another encoder for moonshell.

  6. The new one is easier, just select Games n' Music from the menu instead of GBAMP. You don't have to re-patch it either.

  7. hey guys i need help i just got a 8gbit n card how du i use it?

  8. I dont see the point of getting moonshell on Games n Music. GnM can already play .mp3 files and comes with a Program which allows you to convert any movie file into a .d3v file which is another video file readable by GnM.

  9. But that built in one SOUNDS ABSOLUTELY HORRENDOUS! It annhiliates music to static filled nonsense. Moonshell has much better audio quality than the GnM menu.

  10. Don't advertise yourself on others' videos! It's not just rude, it is WAY off topic!

    First warning, no more advertising your videos.

  11. how do u change moonshell skins???ive got moonshell running and ive placed the skin downloads in the moonshell folder….i have m3ds real

  12. You can download the FLV file from Youtube using some other sites or site hacks (google "download youtube video" for info). Then you can convert this .flv file into a .dpg using either batchDPG or DPGEnc (if it supports .flv) otherwise convert .flv -> .avi -> .dpg

  13. Extract the zip (if the skin is in a zip) then replace all the Moonshell graphic files from the skins folder on your card. It deletes the old skin when you do this.

  14. Can the videos on Moonshell be rewound and fast forwarded?

  15. I'm trying to install this and I have downloaded all the stuff, but my nds files don't have icons, I tried the DLDI too.

  16. Does this mean you can change a gamesnmusic cartridge basically into an R4 or M3 cartridge?

  17. ok cause my mom was about to buy on and I told her not to lol

  18. I like the GnM, only because I hate dealing with online and this is a much easier alternative.

  19. duuude I really need your help on this…..I tried copying all my stuff from my old microsd card (original card that comes with GnM) to my new micro sd card (2 gigs Brand: PNY), and everything was working fine on the orirginal card but on the 2gig a lot of shit won't work, Snemulds, moonshell, doomds etc. what should I do? btw there is no mechanical lock on this 2 gig PNY microsd card.

  20. good walkthrough. It pretty much worked for me.

  21. it starts up automaticly if you just name it bootme.nds

  22. this video dont show where to download moonshell 7.1

  23. the newest moonshell patches it automatically

  24. Hey how do you get those icons for .nds files on your desktop

  25. I did not know there was a flash card called games'n music.

  26. what is the video format that can reproduce the moonshell? plz reply

  27. Which one do you click for your ttds??
    ok thanks greetings flespure

  28. get the edge card for 15 bucks on deal extreme

  29. i have a action replay dsi and i tried this cuz i heard the GnM dldi work with it but when i load it it says that it cant find the moonshl folder

  30. Any Chance you can help me set this up for retro games ( nes,snes, genesis)

  31. HELP! i have games n music for the ds, right? well, i lost the micro sd card it comes with so i used one i already had, but now the screen goes white after the logo. plz help?

  32. nvmd i found another card but wer do i get moon shell

  33. you have jedi knight acedemy? I have the DEMO!

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