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DS Homebrew: Installing QuakeDS on Games n’ Music

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Here’s a mini-tutorial on how to install Quake DS, a port of Quake 1 to the Nintendo DS, on a Datel Games n’ Music cart. I use the shareware Quake, which only has the first level, but you can use the pak file from the full version if you have it.


  1. you should remake this video but with commentary because im a bit confused and cannot get it to work

  2. please check my channel i have tutorial and download

  3. No problem, I'll try to do one on MoonShell tomorrow, since many people have asked about it.

  4. I don't think Quake DS supports multiplayer yet. Check the QuakeDS main page and see if it does. There may be a WiFi testing build you can (you'll have to patch it first) try.

  5. Press Select for the menu, select options (Select button is to select stuff) then go to controls and set them. You'll notice a lot of…PC buttons…but after all Quake was designed for the PC. You can change them to the DS buttons of your choice, whether you're right or left handed.

  6. Doom? Sure, I just got that running (after a lot of trouble) yesterday, but I deleted everything since so yeah I'll make one on Doom.

  7. Posting links to ROM sites would be illegal. If it is a .smc, it may work, but SNEmulDS is not completely compatible yet, so there's a good chance it won't work, but eventually SNEmulDS will support more and more ROMS.

  8. DLDI is a type of driver used in DS homebrew, it allows the program to read and write information from the media card. You patch the homebrew program (.nds file) with the DLDI patch for your card, using a DLDI patcher application, look at dldi(dot)drunkencoders(dot)com

  9. If a file or folder doesn't show up, try reformatting your microSD. To get GnM to show up in dlditool, watch my DLDI video.

  10. Yeah, that's how you do it on Windows, and if you're using Linux, good luck, it isn't a common thing and it's probably hard, that's why I use my Windows PC for DS stuff and my Linux PC for web browsing…and for Mac, I have NO clue, as I don't own a Mac and never have nor plan to.

  11. Yeah, just patch for M3 DS Simply (or R4DS, they're the same thing) instead of Games n' Music.

  12. are datel games n' music and Construction Kit same?

  13. Wow, the load times are obscene! Whoever wrote that should be shot! I've never seen it played on a GnM before.
    Reckon you could tell me how many seconds are spend on the loading models 0%-100% bit?

  14. Haha, thanks man 🙂
    And thanks to calcprogrammer too for making the vid to show people how to install this…

  15. I loved this vid thankyou 🙂 got me to run it on my DS and its so sweet, only flaw it when ya run into new areas some textures may take just under a sec to load but its amazing what ya done 😀 hope it gets better and better 😀

  16. Gawd, i just got the full version of quake and i put the pak1.pak file in the ID1 folder and whenever i try to play it says pak1.pak is not a pakfile.

  17. this run's at full speed idiot. he's just using the worst flash card ever. Games n' Music…GUUK. personaly i sue g6real 2 gb. no slowdowns on any commercial or homebrew game.

  18. can someone tell me if you get the full game of Quake on DS & not just an episode because im getting games n music & I want to know before getting

    many thanks

  19. Just played it great game , i also use the
    datel games and music , game play and load times
    are spot on , it took me about 10 secs to load
    the game and the same time for the first lvl.
    I could not get the game to load at first
    it gave an error about missing files
    so i restarted the game while holding L (shoul
    derbutton) it did started but with a darker

  20. hey calcprogrammer1 quake 2 ds is out now can u give a tutorial on how to install it on games n music i tryed it my self but no luck:(

  21. Could you plz PM me the link to the ID 1 folder link too?

  22. see the web site? just type the website at 00:19

  23. pak0 is free from ID software's website. there is a link to the shareware version (which has pak0) on the Quake DS website. Its free and legal that way

  24. my GnM loads it in just a couple seconds, of course, I load and DLDI patch through the awsome ds homebrew program called DSorganize. Maybe that would help everyone?

  25. Nice guide! Which version to download? normal, wifi or exam?

  26. i ave dat card is dere any easy way 2 download animal crossing nd mario kart on 2 dis

  27. You lost me when you checked the DLDI of the New Folder that doesn't seem to be in the rest of the video. What did you do at that point?

  28. does anyone know where i can get one of these

  29. i got excited cause i thought this would be the quake engine from id software.

  30. IS there a 64x version of the shareware installation? :/

  31. when i went to extract the quake106 folder, it says it was invalid, -.-

  32. Why do you have win do?!??
    *xp stupid autocorrect!!

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