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Dynamic Music in Video Games | How Game Designers Create Interactive Music with Play and Sound

The Game Overanalyser
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This video examines dynamic music in video games, and how game designers craft interactive music using a variety of techniques. We examine the history of music in games, as well as the many techniques of dynamic composition, including vertical layering and generative effects to examine how Game music is different from other musical forms.

Dynamic music in games is a new genesis of interactive music, that incorporates player action into the landscape, and we examine how games like rez, thumper, beat saber and the tetris effect incorporate not only interactive techniques, but also infuse these into their narratives.


-Play Along Zack Whalen

-Playing WIth Sound, Karen Collins

-A Composers guide to game music , Winifred Phillips

-The World In Six Songs, Daniel Levetin

-This is your Brian on Music -Daniel Levetin

– A grounded investigation of game music

-Musilanguage Stuart Brown

-Dynamics Clint Hocking

-Keys to Play Roger Mosely

-Gdc Rez

-Gdc Thumper

-Gdc The Tetris Effect


  1. By the way, mario 1 also has leitmotifs, like the coin has one it just isn't made use of until later games.

  2. man, your channel is so underrated!! I know many people said this to a lot of youtubers, but the level of analysis you have is something else. Thanks a lot for your job!

  3. Not what I was looking for but I was pleasantly surprised. Would be lovely with a de-esser filter on your voiceover though. Your s'es are quite harsh for me

  4. Good video. I wish whenever you said "game X uses Y technique for Z purpose" that we could hear some of it. I haven't played half of these games, and even the ones I have played I had to try and remember what it sounded like.

  5. You actually used examples from various games that you don't mention all the time. Good job.

  6. Great video! As someone recently getting back into playing music after quite some time, it was cool to see this dive on interactivity

  7. "space invaders had increasing tempo to its music" perhaps the most classic example of "its not a feature, its a bug."
    it stems from the game simply running faster when less aliens are alive causing the music's speed to increase unintentionally.
    this also unintentionally increased the movement speed of the aliens. the end result was so well liked they incorporated it intentionally into future versions and soon after, other games copied the technique.

  8. the writing here is what so many cannot do but pretend to be part of.
    its an examination of the subject without self-insertion or attempted utube algo manipulation.
    this speaking style is easy to listen to and parse yet not cumbersome or hamstrung with jargon filled ego felation.

  9. Great Video! Was thinking a lot about music design for games lately and this was really inspirational! Stay positive and motivated!

  10. Whenever I think of dynamic music in games I tend to think of Splinter Cell Chaos Theory and the common used example of Metal Gear Rising.

  11. Heey Nice video !!
    I'm Daniel Silva, a Spanish indie developer about to launch his first game, Raider Road, which will go on sale for PC and mobile, on ends of February.
    Could you help us by giving us your feedback ?

  12. Great video, mate and loved how you used games as examples of what you are explaining.

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