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Edgerunners Anime Vs Game (Music Video) – Rebecca’s Route

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Original Song: Major Crimes by Health & Window Weather

Tribute to Rebecca from Cyberpunk 2077 Edgerunner
Scenes from anime in game:
1. Jacked and Coke – Vista del Rey, Heywood
2. Turbo Spot – Japantown, Westbrook
3. Apartment – Northside, Watson
4. Afterlife Bar – Little China, Watson
5. David and Rebecca’s Walk – Japantown, Westbrook
6. Chase scene (Entering Night City) – Arroyo, Santo Domingo
7. Corporate Plaza – Arasaka Tower, City & Corporate

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  1. the amount of effort it mustve taken you to find the exact locations is insane! props to you bro

  2. Ay…rebeka 🥺😭💚Come on come on come on!!!and here comes the biiiiig guns!

  3. Really great job making this, you did a fantastic job, definitely hits the feels

  4. Phantom Liberty is my one of if not my most favorite DLC of all time, Carrying Songbird route reminds me of playing Bioshock Infinite, it's us against the world. Also thanks for this choom, a trip down memory lane, I made a speedpaint tribute to Becca too back then https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oTolw-dFEiQ

  5. Its incredible the amount of simping people have for this game just because of edgerunners.Ive never seen anything like that. A game that launches in such a horrendous state that sony of all pulls it from the store for how bad and broken it is and then people have a 180 on it because a fkn ANIME comes out and it's…pretty good, but nothing amazing (id give it a 7.5 to an 8/10). A game being good because of another piece of media outside the game, which has nothing to do with the game, exists….

  6. i hope they make the second game in the grapgics style of the animation

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