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Epic Party Clicker – Music and Clicker Game for iPhone and Android

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Your parents are out of town and you’re finally by yourself… So, what time is it? It’s EPIC PARTY TIME!!! Get ready, because you’re going to throw the sickest event of all times! In this clicker game, tap to get more guests while you upgrade your celebration!

Don’t be a wallflower! You will start small… But, put on your dancing shoes, upgrade your space and sound equipment and become a real social butterfly! You can bring a jello bar, a zero-G dance floor, a viking metal band to rock out this party and even a time machine! How awesome is that?

To totally burn up on the dance floor, you have to pay attention to the rhythm: sync your taps with the sick beats of the songs playing and improve the number of guests. Your party will bring the house down!

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  1. una orquesta vamos a bailar compa que le pareces esa morra la que anda bailando sola me gusta pa mi

  2. i know this game in this years when i was a kid.

  3. @Tapps Games  Hey i liked the game but make it to the brazilian AppStore

  4. @Tapps Games  when is the game releasing for IOS?
    Im dying of waiting here!

  5. this game looks amazing! it is bizarre but it's not "bizarre" (my pet bizarre is wired!) I'm going to download this now! (give me a break for spelling mistakes because I'm 9)

  6. Can you make this game for iPad too?it would be awesome😄

  7. Will this be coming to windows phone? I don't have any other device to play it on. 🙁

  8. it wont come in windows only androd i think so dont be sad just get a new one and make sure its a andriod one

  9. I miss the old game that didn't update yet 🙁

  10. thanks for the game tapp games i tryed it it is epic indeed and it sounds cool i rate 5 stars

  11. I'm really upset, I used the time machine and I don't know how (if I even can) to reverse it?

  12. Loved it. ITS SO ADDICTIVE!!! Please make more games soon.

  13. Vou jogar mais n Sei se e bom ……

    .deve ser ótimo kkk

  14. Why is this not on tablet 🙁

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