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Epic Video Game Music with @InstrumentManiac

Joe Porter
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Wow @InstrumentManiac and I had such an amazing time collaborating to play all of these Epic Video Game Music Themes with so many Instruments! How many instruments could you count? Let us know future collab Music recommendations! But seriously, go check out Luke’s amazing channel:

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  1. Arial Math hita me different man. It is my childhood's theme song.

  2. the incredible disappointment in the lack of Kingdom Hearts music..

  3. ホントなんでもできるんだなっ….!!

    ….超尊敬っ 二三(👍≧▽≦)👍

  4. Bro your girlfriend is leaving you

  5. 🤓☝ hum actually the song of storm was in ocarina of time because majoras mask came after and zelda lullaby is in almost every zelda games

  6. Definitely going to need more undertale covers maybe long elevator?

  7. that bad piggies one brought me back to 2016 in an instant
    do you agree?

  8. yuuup These two can play anything at all. Now play a baritone.

  9. 1:43 so you are telling me you can play song of the storms on an instrument that the school teaches you how to play in 3rd grade?

  10. Oh my gosh that Spider Dance was SO GOOD

  11. I NEED MORE UNDERTALE… please? At least spider dance or heartbreak, or bonetrousle

  12. Putting aria math right after zelda’s lullaby did things to my emotions in the best way im sosbskendlksodkwokfpsof

  13. Dudes! You guys work so well together, one of you handles the percussion, while the other handles woodwinds, brass, and strings, all y'all are missing is a group of A Cappella and choir vocalists, or an extremely talented individual one (Like Smooth McGroove for instance) and y'all could cover practically any song.

  14. 2:09 Good lord that instrument is tall

    It has to be at least 10 feet tall


  16. It’s dangerous how many instruments this man plays

  17. the most legendary collab of all time

  18. Ah yeah! True nostalgia! Especially this moment 1:51 (I love Cuphead)

  19. Wow! I love how Zelda’s lullaby sounded on the clarinet! You guys nailed all the Zelda stuff, undertale songs and halo theme!

  20. Bro that is so cool 0:48 play more Minecraft for me 🥰

  21. the price of all the instruments between them is probably over 10m at this point

  22. Hearing Undertale songs,
    it fills you with…
    D E T E R M I N A T I O N

  23. Pianomarimba😊😊😅😅😮😮😢😢🎉🎉😂😂❤❤❤

  24. I see video with two of games that make the best songs on video screen i click video

  25. I can tell they had a lot of fun with Spider Dance

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