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Episode 1: Music Composition for Video Games

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Today, we’re going to dive into the world of video game music. From vast, sweeping orchestral scores, to delicate ambient soundscapes, all the way to aggressive, cutting edge rock and EDM, the evolution of video game music, and the medium as a whole, has been nothing short of inspiring. We’re going to cover a broad range of topics today, acting as an introduction for our ongoing series. This is Video Game Music!

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  1. I wouod like to be a Videogame Creator and a composer, i was just inspired pretty much a while but i was more inspired in this quarantine, I love shadow of the colossus and Monster hunter music and a few more games I have an Ipad with Garageband and i want to learn to make badass soundtracks and i have a good taste on Music choices

  2. this is inspiring , thanks for sharing👍❤️

  3. The water levels in Super Mario 64 really made me think about music in games. I’ve always been inspired since then.

  4. I've been using Ableton for my orchestral composition!

  5. This was too good… thanks for the tips at the end! It really changed my perspective…

    And also I'd like to tell you that I've been a huge fan of indie games ever since I was little. The music in all games of Nitrome as well as Pocket tanks, Extreme Road Trip 2 and One Epic Game… these have always been my most favorite. Then one day, after a long long time, I happen to download a game called 'Punch Club'. It is also an indie game and the music in the game is so awesome that I just couldn't stop myself anymore and I set out to learn video game music. That was the beginning of my wonderful journey in the world of video game music.🤘❤️

  6. I use Ableton Live for My compositions! This video was Nice!!!

  7. Kraid's Lair – Metroid
    Aquatic Ambiance – DK

  8. My first gig with orchestra at 16 years old in Brazil. I had a symphony in my head.

  9. Hey Brian, I'm studying music production and I have studied classical piano and composition in the past. I'm having problems with my setup, can you please share your computers specs to hold a full orchestral music? I can't open more than 12 instances of Play (east west composer cloud) before my CPU goes through the roof in FL Studio

  10. Definitely the Soulsbourne soundtracks, especially Bloodborne and Sekiro, such awe inspiring and awesome themes!

  11. I know i'm quite late to this, but Shpongle was the one group (if it can be called like that), that got me into music production. I've played the flute for many years and they use it in a majestic way, exploring different kinds of ethnic music in a psychedelic composition… Truly amazing!

  12. I seem to be alone on this compared to most other composers, but I really dislike piano rolls. I generally prefer to write on notation software like Notion 6 or Sibelius rather than most DAWs. Every arrangement I've uploaded on my channel has been from Notion, and I think it still sounds halfway decent.

  13. Fantastic video and really enjoyed it. For me it was the first time I heard the score for Escape from New York in 1981. That gave me a lifelong love of synths ,I waited a long time to start composing and only been doing it for 2 years. However mostly I do it for the fun of it.Ive already done 2 albums and im just begging to start on a Video game score for a friend.

  14. My first game that the music hits me even today, is Yoshi's Island. Yep, another Koji Kondo masterpiece.

    I almost didn't find this video. Thank goodness. So excited. Thanks for the valuable closing tips! 🙂

  15. Man i love him only for mentioning mgs 2……. or mgs at alll now i know he knows wtf he's talking about!

  16. That's like the far edgeee of my dream job! Music for gamesss and tv showssss
    To get this amazing themes! That r immediately recognised!

  17. Dude u r literally the guy I've looking for to get some insight!

  18. Decently the Harry Potter theme…. assassins creed 3 and all the final fantasy themes specifically "to zanarkand" made me want this job so bad…. i play piano for about 12 years and i produce music for about 3 now… getting on a industry standard sound level already… and yeh that's basically my dream job

  19. I am recently getting back into music. I received my Associates in Music Production just recently, and I really want to learn more about video game music. World of Warcraft was the game that gave me a huge appreciation for video game music, and I want to really learn the ins and out of the world of the music that makes the games we love come to life and make my own.

  20. Brian Tyler brought me here with his „CoD MW3“ Soundtrack 🤤. This soundtrack definitely changed my whole life. And thanks to you Brian for sharing this with us ! I‘d spend a lot more money than necessary without AudioPluginDeals ! 😂

  21. What really inspired me has been the Mario Kart 8 Soundtrack. The big band live sound that I really want to accomplish. I don’t know how to play many instruments and these tutorials and tips will really help!

  22. What really inspired me has been the Mario Kart 8 Soundtrack. The big band live sound that I really want to accomplish. I don’t know how to play many instruments and these tutorials and tips will really help!

  23. if you are into orchestral scores…rainbow six (the original one and rogue spear)
    and otherwise try to listen to interstate 76 soundtrack 😉

  24. Perfect video ok
    Let start with
    What your PC? And what specs?
    Thank you✌️👍

  25. I do have a bachelor degree in music I play piano and I have a 300 music piece, but I just entered this field and I do hope that you can help me with this
    I have 75 questions but I just started with the one on the top.

    Like you contents a lot. 😊

  26. love the video. always been a gba emulator and ps1 player, but then i started playing listening to other musics and now i'm inspired to dive into the music world of videogames

  27. I don't have a defining moment with music that changed my life, but I've always been passionate about video game music. Even as a kid, after turning off my Game Boy Advance I would continue to hum the tunes because they were so catchy. I've always preferred the catchy, melodious and rocking tunes of the old school games over the more cinematic, immersive type of music because it pumps me up, gets me excited to play and I can listen to them outside the game and hum along.

    Despite my love for music, I had never thought about composing for video games as a living simply because I didn't think I could do it. I had no knowledge of music theory and had no idea how I could start. It was incredibly daunting to think how I would ever come up with music as good as all the composers I admire. But this changed about 5 weeks ago. I was watching a video from HappyConsoleGamer in which he was telling how he made the most important decision of his life at age 21, and it was to seriously get into his hobbies (video games, anime and drawing) because it was something that he always loved to do, and he focused all his energy into it. So, basically, he inspired me to do the same: I decided that video game music is what I live for and started to really get into it. I've learned some music theory concepts which have allowed me to study my favorite composers and I'm (currently) composing my very first original song. I have a long way to go before I can realistically start making a living out of music, but every single note I put is one step closer to achieving my dream.

  28. Definitely Xenoblade 1 and 2

  29. Applying for my first video game production temp job for blizzard games. I’ve previously produced as a free agent and scored a few independent film soundtracks. Definitely subscribing for more knowledge!!

  30. I dont know why nut fl studio doesn't work for me its glitched so i main logic

  31. there was two soundtrack that i love and touch me: shadow of the colossus and ori and the blind forest

  32. I wanted to ask you, hwo you find people and companies that hire you or how they find you.Thank you, great video!

  33. I have used Reaper / Fl Studio / Protools/ but I have settled in on Mixcraft 9Pro. It's amazig !!! And I loved FLStudio but Mixcraft has made things super easy to get around in……

  34. Can you look into creating a channel on Rumble.com. You will find a lot of viewers leaving youtube because of their new censoring policies. It will also be a new income source for you. I look forward to watching your videos there.

  35. Honestly, I'm almost 50 and have been gaming since Pong was released. I think the first soundtrack that really stood out was Mario 64. The composer did a wonderful job of matching each level with the accompanying music. Even though the soundtrack sounds a bit like a date 90's rompler, it still captures the spirit of the game. The other soundtrack that I remember very well was the creepy Silent Hill soundtrack from the original PS1 game.

  36. I had a casio that did midi loops & it trained me by ear. Console Chronology: NES, SEGA, GAMEBOY, PS1, PS2, Wii, Switch. TOMB RAIDER had the most intense music for me when i was little.. good for discovering boundaries LOL. I LOVE THIS GREAT PRODUCTION I SUBSCRIBED!!

  37. For me it was the mandolorian sound track that really jumped at me

  38. What inspired me to switch from edm music production to video game music composition was playing Fire Emblem Fates and hearing the soundtracks and playing Destiny 2 when it first came out

  39. Audioplugindeals, Nice video very informative just, when you send the finished loop or full song to the game developer what file type do you send them? .wav , ogg, aiff, mp3?

  40. I'm not truly a composer, but want to try one. The one game I really like their music is manakhemia. How I wonder how their music is matching a character personality or a place theme. So, I have an image and try to make a soundtrack from that. I'm not making any music yet, only hearing other music to find the right mood. But I still dont know what kind of music will match it.

  41. Do you know the BRSO Articulate for FL Studio?

  42. Halo 2 impart soundtrack, got me so interested in this,
    Impend was the original

  43. Didn't know this channel had videos like this. Would love to watch more

  44. The music of the Paper Mario series first made me interested in video game music. For as lighthearted and charming as a series it is, it still has such intricate music and that made me realize that all games need to have great music to boost the immersion significantly.

  45. Jun Senoue, the lead composer for the early 3D Sonic The Hedgehog games was the reason I learned guitar as a kid. Thinking about it, his work really defined the trajectory of my life. Beyond that though, I'd have to say the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts soundtracks, composed by Nobuo Uematsu, Yoko Shimomura and Masayoshi Soken, have been my biggest inspiration when it comes to wanting to compose music for video games.

    I'm still at the very beginning of my video game composition journey, so while I'm coming to grips with using a DAW for the first time, I'm also taking my first steps into learning music theory. Since my musical roots are with punk and hardcore music, I have very little theory knowledge and I am finding it hard to wrap my head around it all, so any content geared towards beginners to music theory with a focus on composition would be absolutely amazing!

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