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Episode 1: Music Composition for Video Games

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Today, we’re going to dive into the world of video game music. From vast, sweeping orchestral scores, to delicate ambient soundscapes, all the way to aggressive, cutting edge rock and EDM, the evolution of video game music, and the medium as a whole, has been nothing short of inspiring. We’re going to cover a broad range of topics today, acting as an introduction for our ongoing series. This is Video Game Music!

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  1. Jun Senoue, the lead composer for the early 3D Sonic The Hedgehog games was the reason I learned guitar as a kid. Thinking about it, his work really defined the trajectory of my life. Beyond that though, I'd have to say the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts soundtracks, composed by Nobuo Uematsu, Yoko Shimomura and Masayoshi Soken, have been my biggest inspiration when it comes to wanting to compose music for video games.

    I'm still at the very beginning of my video game composition journey, so while I'm coming to grips with using a DAW for the first time, I'm also taking my first steps into learning music theory. Since my musical roots are with punk and hardcore music, I have very little theory knowledge and I am finding it hard to wrap my head around it all, so any content geared towards beginners to music theory with a focus on composition would be absolutely amazing!

  2. The music of the Paper Mario series first made me interested in video game music. For as lighthearted and charming as a series it is, it still has such intricate music and that made me realize that all games need to have great music to boost the immersion significantly.

  3. Didn't know this channel had videos like this. Would love to watch more

  4. Halo 2 impart soundtrack, got me so interested in this,
    Impend was the original

  5. Do you know the BRSO Articulate for FL Studio?

  6. I'm not truly a composer, but want to try one. The one game I really like their music is manakhemia. How I wonder how their music is matching a character personality or a place theme. So, I have an image and try to make a soundtrack from that. I'm not making any music yet, only hearing other music to find the right mood. But I still dont know what kind of music will match it.

  7. Audioplugindeals, Nice video very informative just, when you send the finished loop or full song to the game developer what file type do you send them? .wav , ogg, aiff, mp3?

  8. What inspired me to switch from edm music production to video game music composition was playing Fire Emblem Fates and hearing the soundtracks and playing Destiny 2 when it first came out

  9. For me it was the mandolorian sound track that really jumped at me

  10. I had a casio that did midi loops & it trained me by ear. Console Chronology: NES, SEGA, GAMEBOY, PS1, PS2, Wii, Switch. TOMB RAIDER had the most intense music for me when i was little.. good for discovering boundaries LOL. I LOVE THIS GREAT PRODUCTION I SUBSCRIBED!!

  11. Honestly, I'm almost 50 and have been gaming since Pong was released. I think the first soundtrack that really stood out was Mario 64. The composer did a wonderful job of matching each level with the accompanying music. Even though the soundtrack sounds a bit like a date 90's rompler, it still captures the spirit of the game. The other soundtrack that I remember very well was the creepy Silent Hill soundtrack from the original PS1 game.

  12. Can you look into creating a channel on Rumble.com. You will find a lot of viewers leaving youtube because of their new censoring policies. It will also be a new income source for you. I look forward to watching your videos there.

  13. I have used Reaper / Fl Studio / Protools/ but I have settled in on Mixcraft 9Pro. It's amazig !!! And I loved FLStudio but Mixcraft has made things super easy to get around in……

  14. I wanted to ask you, hwo you find people and companies that hire you or how they find you.Thank you, great video!

  15. there was two soundtrack that i love and touch me: shadow of the colossus and ori and the blind forest

  16. I dont know why nut fl studio doesn't work for me its glitched so i main logic

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