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Evanescence – The Game Is Over (Official Music Video)

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“The Game Is Over”
Had enough I’ve really
had enough
Had enough of denial
I’m not alright but I’m not gonna lie I don’t know that I ever was

all alone I’ve waited
all alone
Held it in as I played by your rules I’ve been biting my lip but I’m losing my grip
I’m coming down down down

When all the hate burns off I’m left here with the pain
Behind our vain devices are we all the same

Change me into something I believe in
Change me so I don’t have to pretend

Take a breath and try to play along but
I’m a terrible liar
I feel the world like a brick on my chest
and the party’s just begun

Throw the rope I’m wading
Through the mud
From your mouth flow a thousand truths
But you know there’s only one

When all the hate burns off I’m left here with the pain

Change me into something I believe in
Change me so I don’t have to pretend
Sweet words they mean nothing they’re not true
cause the game is over

I want it all or I want nothing at all
maybe I can change me into something I believe in
Change me so I don’t have to pretend
Your sweet words they mean nothing save your breath
The game is over


  1. Такої якісної нової музики я давно не чув, думав що її вже не буде ніколи. супер

  2. The song is awesome but I do not like this video at all. Lots of hidden symbolism that I did not think this band would associate themselves with.

  3. This feels like a blend of the newer sound with The Open Door echoes, if that makes sense. Very interesting.

  4. When this band knows that is how the vioce in your head talks to you making you feel what ever you do in life its not enough…

  5. Take a breath and try to play along but I'm a terrible liar. So feel this

  6. This mixing is a bit better than the album mixing but still shit. I love the song but what is this potato guitar sound

  7. Your son (sorry) fans would love him, I do anyway. She does not normally hide from what is. South america is strict on single parents, for a star there must be lee way.

  8. told.you будеш ко мне приставать, могу и поцеловать сорваться)

  9. AMY LEE eu te amo ♡♡♡

  10. I'm a bad fan.
    just realized there's a whole new album.

  11. wow this is such a horrible video but is a great song

  12. Amy Lee just has the best sound voice ever, don't you agree?

  13. POOOOOOOOORRRRAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷😆😅😂😆😅😂😆😅😅😂😆

  14. HOLY FLYING SQUIRRELS. This is one of the BEST music videos I've ever seen, and Ev, you guys are one my all-time favorite bands!! This song is gorgeous and ferocious and I really fell into a trance with this one. Can't wait to see your LIVESTREAM on THURSDAY!! Flippin LOVE you guys! ~~*~*~

  15. Lyrically and vocally Amy is unfuckwithable

  16. I feel that the humanity lost her mind completely, become more and more crazy.
    Strat to ask for Gd. He have compassion, mercy and light
    But not Jesus the lie savior
    You hope for him since he die, and he not help you. Why?
    Cause he is a human just like us.
    People, start to ask for Gd that beyond everything, that creates the world.
    "בראשית ברא אלוקים את השמים ואת הארץ"

  17. A mesma sonoridade de Fallen. Guitarra e bateria perfeitos. A letra tem uma forte semelhança com uma fase da vida e como sentimos ao enfrentar os problemas. #Brasil #Evanescence

  18. 🤘🇨🇴😍😌🎧🕊️🎧🎵🎶🎸🥁

  19. this is the kind of music i want to listen to and i love it with amy's voice

  20. Just like Maynard Keenan, Chris Cornell, and Jeff Buckley; anything Amy Lee does is gold.

  21. The video is awful, the audio is a blessing from the gods

  22. First video where she doesn't mime any of the song..

  23. One of the best & heavy songs of the album 🎸🔥🎵🤘. Gives me Cloud Nine & My Heart Is Broken vibes 💯

  24. IDK man. So far this album just reminds me of Paula Cole circa 1998. I miss Ben Moody.

  25. Amy's done some solo stuff and movie soundtrack music in the last few years. Check out Speak to Me, Going to California and Lockdown.

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