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everyone is asleep, you still study and work…( relaxing video game music w/ campfire ambience)

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Relaxing video game music (nintendo music)
Today, we experience the game alone.
It’s “Breath of Fire IV” , this is a fun game as i enjoy it. I recorded relaxing and interesting moments, hope this helps your mood better when watching it! I will do more of these to help people study, relax and work more effectively.

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Video in Game :
Breath of Fire IV

00:00 – Courage – Zelda Twilight Princess
01:20 – Satorl Marsh (Night) – Xenoblade Chronicles
04:42 – Relic Forest – Pokémon XD- Gale of Darkness
06:50 – Calm and Hope – Zelda Twilight Princess
09:36 – Gate – Pokémon X & Y
11:41 – 1 AM Music – Animal Crossing City Folk
14:37 – Mangrove Cove (Underwater) – Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze
17:36 – Star Fox 64 3D – Staff Credits 2
21:55 – Title – Hey! Pikmin.mp3
25:26 – Princess Zelda – The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time
27:05 – Soft Light – Super Paper Mario
29:00 – Swept Out to Sea (Kirby and The Rainbow Curse)
31:02 – Virbank City – Pokemon Black & White 2
32:54 – Chrono Cross Opening HD
35:20 – Crimson Loftwing Theme – The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword
37:27 – Swept Out to Sea (Kirby and The Rainbow Curse)
39:31 – And what if I can’t – What if I’m not worthy of her ideals – Fire Emblem Awakening
43:20 – Faron Floods Theme – The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword
47:48 – 5 AM (Snow) – Animal Crossing New Horizons
51:45 – Lake [Pokémon- Diamond & Pearl]
54:05 – Calm Conversation – Pokémon Duel
56:15 – Pikmin 3 OST- S.S. Drake
59:12 – Chrono Trigger – Corridors of Time
1:03:27 – Zelda BOTW – Hateno Village (Day)
1:07:20 – Floaroma Town (Night) – Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl
1:09:58 – 8 PM Snow – Animal Crossing Wild World
1:12:46 – Chrono Trigger – The Day the World Revived
1:14:07 – Forest Interlude – Donkey Kong Country 2
1:18:48 – Training Center – Pokémon Duel
1:20:50 – Select Area (Sector 4) – Hey! Pikmin
1:22:38 – How About a Song- -Jubilife City- [Pokémon- X & Y]
1:25:51 – Mystery Island Tour (Night) – Animal Crossing New Horizons
1:27:54 – Deep Keep – Donkey Kong Country- Tropical Freeze
1:32:40 – Loop~

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  1. For anyone out there reading this, I'm slowly turning into a cabbage, send help.

  2. My thighs feel tired just watching him keep doing the squats

  3. zelda twiligth princess sounds like MHdos idk what OST is but like jumbo village OST i guess or another but

  4. Wow, never really a comment reader but there are some exceptionally positive people are this thread. Wish you all the best as well !

  5. played this video because I saw BoF4 omg i love that game so much

  6. ah…breath of fire iv. what a memories…i remember play this game for 2-3 hour. Cause of that i got full stamp of hanger from my mom

  7. Breath of fire IV!!!!. I really like this game

  8. Just discovered this. Amazing mix with a lot of tracks i know and love. Thanks for making this. Lets get this work done 🙂 wish yall the best in life ❤

  9. Cray keeps on kneeling into eternity. Nina is astonished.
    Ursula has discovered the secret power of infinite nails.

    Thank you.

  10. BoF IV its an ecxellent game, either my fav its the BoF III… both OST are amazing…great relaxing music men!!!

  11. Breath of Fire! When I saw this recommendation I immediately liked the thumbnail then realized this is a game I'm addicted to when I was a kid, forgot all about it till now. Thanks, I'll try to play this again. 🙂

  12. I rarely like playing those 2D games, but they are so nice to watch, either someone play it or on your video, maybe its the nostalgia

  13. el loop del video esta horriblemente corto

  14. You led with the best… You're supposed to end with that you know. 😊

  15. my new confort playlist!!!
    love the work, dude

  16. using this to study java, and you guys?

  17. que lindo el hombre toro, y que linda la furra thicc, musica 10/10

  18. Great video, I love it. I focus a lot on listening while saving the semester. I will not give up.

    PS: positive comments are very encouraging <3

  19. O myyy goshhhhh the second song brings back memoriesssssss, Pokémon x was my love and lifeeee

  20. hopes everyone who reads this, have a great day😁

  21. I love this, its exactly what I needed. thanks for the tasty jams

  22. Everything is a moment that passes by. Appreciate them. The bad ones will pass, and good ones will reappear after. They always do even if it doesn't feel that way. Keep on going, you got this everyone!

  23. Do you quite possibly have it as a Spotify Playlist please?

  24. yo te lo digo en español
    recorda que a veces tenes que soltar esas cosas. por mas que sea lo que mas queres, forzar las cosas no es bueno. solo solta y espera, el tiempo va a decir si eso era para vos

  25. bof was and always will be an amazing series.. 2 was a personal favorite, getting ryu bonded with stan nina mina rand and of course his best friend bo

  26. im so so tired of life I need to rest here I just want to go back at times 15yrs ago… where my childhood had amazing memories all day playing some nintendo games pokemon, fire emblem, ssb, legend of zelda, harvest moon, kingdom hearts etc soo many game I really played that makes me what i am now I just wanna rest for now thank you for this beautiful music.

  27. whoa, the Breath of Fire IV loop video makes me nostalgic
    The pixel artstyle is my favorite in PS1

  28. What tools or software do you recommend for editing videos like this?

  29. a veces me siento solo y no se que hacer, ante mi familia muestro la cara fuerte, para mi hijo, mi esposa y mi madre. Pero siento que me desmorono, no tengo con quien platicar de estas cosas.

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