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Evolution of Game Music (1980 – 2018)

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The evolution of game music from 1980 to the present day. I transcribed many video game music for piano versions.


  1. That trigger he plays not in da fucking right ridemmmmm maaan

  2. You are incredibly talented I love this!!

  3. Way to less from one of the greatest if not the g.o.a.t in the scene

  4. You have mistake in king valley music

  5. Ok, so your mostly doing consoles… but you also did the unpopular MSX computer…. so im like, wheres the C64 or the Amiga? much more popular games with much more great music than the MSX…..

  6. Miss Monkey Island, Battlefield 1942, Prince of persia, Turricane 🙂

  7. Wood Carving Partita… The best game music ever

  8. The Angry Birds theme makes me so happy. Not even my favorite game lol

  9. I wish you would make videos of Professor Layton's osts. Or maybe Friday Night Funkin (?

  10. Pretty sure thats not minecraft as I never played it

  11. I always feel threatened when he looks at me like that.

  12. So much work went into this. Thank you for the effort!

  13. tekken? mortal kombat? medal of honor? call of duty? metal slug? sunset riders? warcraft? clash of clans? Wolfenstein?

  14. Soo many great songs. But he skipped right over FF7 😭😭

  15. Knightmare has a really nice soudtrack! Interesting…

  16. Mineeecraft!!!!!!!kkkk muito bom você é maravilhoso Man❤️❤️🥳🥳👏👏

  17. Ganz Ohne hin kucken würde mich beeindrucken!😂😂😂😂😂Oder Mit verbundennen Augen!Ein Geni Mit einen Perfekt Räumlich ausgeprägten Denkvermögen könnte das!😉😂😂😂😂Aber Trotdem,du hast mein Resbekt!Definitiv Krasse Nummer!👍

  18. I wonder how long this guy has to practice each tune. But I guess he just hears / sees the chords once and can play it. He is one with the piano. And he is watching YOU.

  19. Adoro os teus vídeos , parabéns pelo teu talento!!
    Mas confesso que estava tanto na expectativa de ouvir o tema do Metal Gear Solid e do Final Fantasy…que marcos da PS1…

  20. Great song selections ! I'd like to hear you play some other Videogame music
    Something from Star Ocean maybe ?

  21. I'll never play Skyrim again, ten minutes later: 'Oh, you're finally awake'

  22. Esse vídeo me fez fazer uma viagem ao passado. Tudo começou com a versão do Vinheteiro da música de Kings Valley, e terminou muito tempo depois, após vários vídeos de longplay e coletâneas de melhores jogos do MSX. Ótimas lembranças, obrigado!

  23. ドラゴンクエスト

  24. I'm kind of obsessed with the Strider soundtrack. Especially the Genesis version as it's stereo.

  25. 3:30 Я ждал этого))) Видео получает лайк.
    Но почему был проущен легендарный Wolfensteain-3d???
    вот эта бессмертная великая меодия:

  26. I hate to point this out, but Cuphead is also Nintendo Switch….

  27. I love you bro! You make my day every day! USAF Veteran here! LOVE IT!

  28. Не увидел в списке Deus Ex (2000) – лучшую игру всех времён по мнению многих журналов, к тому же из неё есть что сыграть

  29. Você é fera, meu caro! Um excelente pianista, nascido num país onde o músico é pouco valorizado.

  30. Kind of annoyed that the song played for Minecraft isn't properly credited as it is an actual classical song by Erik Satie – Gymnopedie no.1

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