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FL Studio 12 Tutorial | Simple way to make Game Music | Part #1

Xiztence Official
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The first part of a small tutorial series with 3 parts. A few tips on how to create your own Game Music for indie games. Suitable for multiple genres. Stay tuned for download which will be avaivable after part 2 or 3. Enjoy.

PART #2 :

Melody by Marwan Nimra
Check him out here!

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  1. the sound is not good I am quite disappointed

  2. this is the best video ever!!!!!!!

  3. Hey, im programming some games, can i use this in my game?
    +Xiztence Offical

  4. I liked this I am also making some game songs so this video is so good for me

  5. CovidImages need to be invested more than half19

  6. the video image is too poor, you need to fix it more

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