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FL Studio 12 Tutorial | Simple way to make Game Music | Part #1

Xiztence Official
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The first part of a small tutorial series with 3 parts. A few tips on how to create your own Game Music for indie games. Suitable for multiple genres. Stay tuned for download which will be avaivable after part 2 or 3. Enjoy.

PART #2 :

Melody by Marwan Nimra
Check him out here!

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  1. the sound is not good I am quite disappointed

  2. CovidImages need to be invested more than half19

  3. this is the best video ever!!!!!!!

  4. Hey, im programming some games, can i use this in my game?
    +Xiztence Offical

  5. I liked this I am also making some game songs so this video is so good for me

  6. the video image is too poor, you need to fix it more

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