Foreigner - Head Games (Official Music Video) -

Foreigner – Head Games (Official Music Video)

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You’re watching the official music video for Foreigner – “Head Games” from the album ‘Head Games’ (1979)

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  1. In my dreams I grab the karaoke mic and have this dudes voice and I find my future wife captivated by my awesomeness. Then I wake up.

  2. Souvenirs of the 80s that leaves one with lots of nostalgia.. great vocal

  3. Johnny Lawrence and his 91 Firebird got me here👊

  4. I wonder if companies realize that their ads cause the viewer to hate their products as they interrupt our viewing 😆

  5. This song takes me back to when I was 14 everytime I hear it…this and Double Vision

  6. The more I listen to their music the better they sound

  7. One of my absolute favorites by Foreigner

  8. Amazing band and song….. Lou Gramm IS and always will be FOREIGNER . So sorry to hear about the b.s. and health issues he went through…🙏

  9. Daylight, alright
    I don't know, I don't know if it's real
    Been a long night and something ain't right
    You won't show, you won't show how you feel
    No time ever seems right
    To talk about the reasons why you and I fight
    It's high time to draw the line
    Put an end to this game before it's too late
    Head games, it's you and me, baby
    Head games, and I can't take it anymore
    Head games, I don't wanna play the head games
    I daydream for hours, it seems
    I keep thinkin' of you, yeah, thinkin' of you
    These daydreams, what do they mean?
    They keep haunting me, are they warning me?
    Daylight turns into night
    We try and find the answer, but it's nowhere in sight
    It's always the same, and you know who's to blame
    You know what I'm sayin', still we keep on playin'
    Head games, that's all I get from you
    Head games, and I can't take it anymore
    Head games, don't wanna play the head games
    So near, so far away
    We pass each other by 'cause we don't know what to say
    It's so clear, I'm sorry to say
    But if you wanna win, you gotta learn how to play
    Head games, always you and me, baby
    Head games 'til I can't take it anymore
    Head games, instead of makin' love
    Head games, oh
    Head games, always you and me, baby
    Head games 'til I can't take it anymore, no more
    Head games, instead of makin' love we play head games
    Head games, in the first degree
    Head games, yeah, always you and me
    Head games, why do you do it, baby?
    Head games, you put me through it, baby

  10. I try to do something constructive, so for thanks…lets trigger me with Manhattan and then some things I'm not supposed to discuss due to the sensitivity? So where the hell do you get off trying to trigger me twice in a short time? Pro and then the cockpit? 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

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    Tell you what…go find kelly, Carol and Angelique in jail and make out with them. That might make it look real too. You drag me into your stuff and then punish me? Sting? Go fuck yourself.

    Im tired of suffering psychologically, physically and financially for years on end so you can protect criminals at my expense.

  12. Once in awhile, you can go for rock and roll. I stand corrected. Some GREAT rock and roll. I used to listen to rock and roll when I was younger, cause of my grandfather. And still to this day, I’ll listen to some good rock and roll. I did also hear this on cobra Kai as well. Started rockin my head lol

  13. Head Games is a fantastic album even though it was viewed as something of a disappointment at the time and sold nowhere near as much as the first two albums. I listen to it just as much as them.

  14. Never new Isaac Newton could sing like that

  15. 80s Power Pop! Hell yeah! R. I. P. Mick Jones and whoever else died in the world of rock'n roll!

  16. カッコいい‼️

  17. Love that heavy bass line driving the song all the way through, and Lou's vocals….

  18. Scored this 8 track along with a dozen others back in the day for a buck! Thanks Columbia House! WoooHooo!!!

  19. this song has won me many sets as anji mito

  20. 5 more days until we can see Johnny again in cobra kai 😎😎😎🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

  21. Head games I don’t wanna play them head games I can’t take it anymore

  22. Cobra Kai RESPECT 2022. some songs will always play a roll in our lives 💗💗💗

  23. Cobra Kai season 5 episode 1 brought me here

  24. Mick Jones & Company. ROCKER FOR ALL SEASONS

  25. I saw this being performed at Syracuse and, let me tell you, Foreigner's shows are amazing and I recommend going to a show of theirs if you haven't

  26. Rick Wills' bass hook always blows me away.

  27. I was looking for this song now I found it im a 90s baby but i got exposed to good music

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