Foreigner - Head Games (Official Music Video) -

Foreigner – Head Games (Official Music Video)

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You’re watching the official music video for Foreigner – “Head Games” from the album ‘Head Games’ (1979)

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  1. Cobra Kai is rubbish tv show is taking Micky out of this song by foreigner

  2. What legends came here from cobra kai

  3. Head games indeed! ❤️ 🍸 😜 great song 🎧

  4. Johnny Lawrence's life hadn't been the same since his wife divorced him in Cobra Kai.

  5. Holy balls, I’m so feeling this song right now.

  6. Respect the old timers from the long past, take only the very good and carry on!
    That seems to be the Ultimate Head Game.?

  7. Just realized that Ian McDonald (the rhythm guitarist here) passed away a couple months ago.

    RIP (1946 – 2022)

  8. Don't wanna play your head games 🤟

  9. The scene from Cobra Kai reminds me of the dame one from Rocky 4

  10. Losing means nothing winning is everything to me to being successful in life but when your emotions get to you it stops you from succeeding

  11. Saw Foriegner in Naptown in the 80's. One of the best experiences of life.

  12. Not letting any grass grow under my feet. I need love & affection as much as anyone.

  13. Be honest, your hear because of Cobra Kai?

  14. NO one sings with the intensity and clarity as Lou! Love him❤

  15. Great song for the average guy but these guys are super rockstars yeah like a female is in short supply for them haha

  16. I am because of Cobra Kai and Jonny lawrence the character of William Zabka. The end of seventies and beggining of the eighties was a great era of music.

  17. Cobra Kai never dais from Greece 🇬🇷 love 80s !!!!!!

  18. Lou Gramm Best Rockin Roll voice ever!!!!!!!!!

  19. Grew up listening to Foreigner. Lou Gramm has one of the greatest voices in rock and roll.

  20. I like several of Foreigner's songs but this is definitely one of my favorites ,great voice , overall a great band !!

  21. This is the last of the first version of the band. RT Baker plus the band really brought out the tension on this one. Success was around the bend but a bit different.

  22. Lou's vocals and that driving bass line make this song. Lou is arguably one of rock's greatest vocalists.

  23. I didn't notice it at first but foreigner is pretty much the best band of the mid 70's. Did exactly what they were meant to with an undisputable effect. If they chose a wide variety of topics for songs they'd be undisputed. I don't buy this premise that sales equal quality

  24. Wow. So there were videos even before MTV. Such an awesome video. Thanks Rhino… Young Lou Gramm. Pat Benatar said he was an inspiration of hers in an interview with Dan Rather on AXSTV. Very cool to see Dennis and Rick too….

  25. Impossible to resist singing this song out loud with volume up when it is on in the car, and I cannot sing… Long live the '80s.

  26. If you want to win you got to learn how to play head games..

  27. Was lucky enough to see these guys on my 21st birthday. 1978 Portland, Oregon. Best birthday ever!

  28. Man love the 80s my drinking an smoking pot years an this band kept me having a blast love this band

  29. I grew up on this song in 1979. I didn’t under stand then as I do now. Great Song

  30. Webster's Dictionary definition of Head Games: "Noun, "The games Monika Luwinsky performed on dirty Bil Clintun in the White House".

  31. Jhonny Lawrence is my sensei, greetings from Lima PERU.

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