Fun Video Game Music on the Marimba! -

Fun Video Game Music on the Marimba!

Joe Porter
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Having so much fun playing these fun Video Game Music Themes on the Marimba

Mallets used in this video: Salyers Percussion Earth Tone Hemp Series


  1. i closed my eyes and tried to figure out which game music it is

  2. You always have a smile on your face, and it looks like you have so much fun making these videos! Love your work and I’m glad you’re happy!

  3. Whoever wants to know to Dk song it is dk island swing

  4. Now I think his most favorite instrument is marimba

  5. I fuckin love you for crash bandicoot song <3

  6. The Undertale is one of my favorite sounds very good With the sound mister 😊👍

  7. DONKEY KONG LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! also that transition was straight up perfect!

  8. Hot take: Megalovania is overrated, I think th UT fandom would appreciate the rest of the songs getting heard from too

  9. I like how he did the supercel but for clash of clans

  10. when he played crash bandicoot it sounded better than than the real music

  11. We always see some transition TO megalovania

    But i never saw a transition FROM megalovania

    Very well done, caught me offguard

  12. I love your vids. I especially like that you actually seem to be having fun, too.

  13. I'm from Japan. Thank you for amazing, nostalgic, and interesting show🤗❤️

  14. I love how you even included the “supercell” sound 💀

  15. That's a PACIL level transition between Megalovania and DK country

  16. Need more Donkey Kong Country, such an awesome soundtrack

  17. Bro you transitioned two diffrent fandom's music into eachother so smothly.

  18. I always thought the 2 in each hand was to just do octaves. This guy is incredible at changing the distance between mallets in each hand

  19. why is the youtube algorithm not recommending me this


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