Game Of Thrones 8x03 Music - The Night King By Ramin Djawadi -

Game Of Thrones 8×03 Music – The Night King By Ramin Djawadi

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Game Of Thrones 8×03 Music – The Night King By Ramin Djawadi

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  1. Thank you House Morment, you served the North well 💔

  2. I find this and light of the seven the best soundtracks until now

    Edit: almost everyone here have the same taste of mine

  3. Did you see the frightened ones?

    Did you hear the falling bombs?

  4. AMAZING !!! it has a litle mix with Light of the seven!

  5. When in the whole darkness there is a little light

  6. At the middle of the song I can see the night king staring at me as he did with Brand

  7. I benefit from perusing video content. Thanks for your time!

  8. This might be my favourite piece of music from the whole show. It’s close between this and the “Light of the Seven”

  9. Cersei was puppeting the night king …only explanation…

  10. what is dead may never die, but rises again harder and stronger

  11. YUP! Can't listen to this without crying yet.

  12. RIP my beloved king of the night, I hoped for your victory until the last second 😔💙

  13. The night king was actually my favourite character during the show…

  14. Has anyone else heard the intro song to the “The White Queen” that aired on STARZ? They sound very similar. The GOT song also reminds me of the Eurythmics song “Here Comes The Rain Again”. Anyone else hear the similarities?? NOT THE SAME, but somewhat similar 😃

  15. Either way to my previous comment…I absolutely LOVE this song 😌

  16. Sick man just sick. Man this scene was so spectacular and the music man the music from Ramin. The music was so good that I decided to do a remix on the song where I rap on the night king theme beat. I would appreciate your feedback on it. here is the link: Ps: Great Video keep on going

  17. Love u 3000 Tony STARK

  18. I did not like the episode, but the music was incredible, along with the visuals and sfx

  19. Coooooooooooooool😭😭💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 GoT

  20. La musica più bella per la puntata più bella di tutta la serie… spettacolo

  21. This song actually made me cry…

    For the embarrasing ending they gave to the greatest story arc in this series

  22. Felicidades también recomendamos Game Of Thrones. Jenny of oldstones cantada por Maryan MG que tiene una voz maravillosa.

  23. Say what you will about season eight but the music has been strong as ever

  24. R.I.P:house mormont
    R.I.P:house Lannisters
    R.I.P:House Stark
    R.I.P:house Tayrel
    R.I.P:House Marteel
    R.I.P :house Bolton
    R.I.P:house Tarly
    Bran cant able to born a boy and arya and sanssa are girls and jon is a targaryen rob dead ricon dead so no one can have the name of stark again im sad

  25. At least the music was amazing, Ramin never fails

  26. Ramin deserves awards Asshat writers do not

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