Game Of Thrones 8x03 Music - The Night King By Ramin Djawadi -

Game Of Thrones 8×03 Music – The Night King By Ramin Djawadi

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Game Of Thrones 8×03 Music – The Night King By Ramin Djawadi

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  1. This theme sound like bravery and sorrow mixed together it was truly fitting for the episode

  2. A toast in the name of all the Brave who survived or died defending The Seven Kingdoms.

  3. In the Battle between Living or Dead-
    No One Win

  4. for witerfell, for the all westeros, for… the life!!

  5. This stands up there with light of the seven

  6. Can somebody give me notes for piano of this melody?

  7. This theme is 'I have a bad feeling about this' made music

  8. how's everyone doing? i personally need help

  9. Ramin Djawadi is amazing. Anyone else get huge Westworld vibes from this score? He does a beautiful job with the score for Game of Thrones and Westworld.

  10. Fuck, this thing is on point. I can hardly imagine GOT without all the special music…

  11. NK vs Daenerys sounds like T1000 in Terminator 2.

  12. This is absolutely incredible. Magnificent. MASTERPIECE.

  13. The "Light of the Seven" of Season 8, eh? Amazing.

  14. One more of the best GOT Soundtrack has joined the chat

  15. One more of the best GOT Soundtrack has joined the chat

  16. Piano is the fate, gone and back ,flow and frozen, die and reborn.

  17. Que pedazo de obra maestra se mandó Ramin Djawadi con esta composición… Genio!!!

  18. Where is the fight between Jon and The Night King? 🙁

  19. Por un momento pensé que era Matt Bellamy

  20. Arya could reach the Night King easily because she changed her face into a white walker one. Does anyone think as I do??

  21. R.I.P The most honorable man in westeros

  22. bro if arya doesn't sit on that throne after killing the one big dude that EVERYONE feared then i will personally beat the shit out of whoever sits on it besides her

  23. What is Dead may never Die, you are a good man Theon

  24. Theon
    A good man
    Put some respect on his name

  25. goodbye blue sky (pink floyd the wall cd1)

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