Game of Thrones Music & North Ambience | Winterfell - House Stark Theme -

Game of Thrones Music & North Ambience | Winterfell – House Stark Theme

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Winterfell is the seat of the ruler of the North and the ancestral home of House Stark. It is a very large castle located at the center of the North, from where the head of House Stark rules over his or her people. A small Godswood is enclosed within the walls. It is the regional capital of the North under Jon Snow. The castle is located alongside the Kingsroad as it makes its way from the Wall to the capital of the Seven Kingdoms, King’s Landing, more than a thousand miles to the south. It is situated atop hot springs which keep the castle warm even in the worst winters. Winding tombs below the castle contain the remains of Stark kings and lords and record the history of the ancient family. According to maester Luwin, there are hidden passageways built in the castle so its Lords could escape. The castle has stood for millennia.

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  1. 1100 haters, I bet they all had the covid when they clicked that thumb down icon

  2. It's so fitting that the stark theme played for the reveal of Jon Snow actually being Aegon Targaryan. The music pays homage, not to the importance of Jon's real heritage, but rather to the family he grew up with, specifically, Ned Stark. It's a good reminder that our blood only means so much, what matters more is the ones who care for us, fight for us, and stand with us.

  3. Das ist doch Scheiße, dass diese wundervolle Kunst von bekloppter Werbung unterbrochen wird!!! 😳🥺😖

  4. We are in a condition same as house Stark and their "Winterfell" in this serie. Our country, espicially our home city (Panjshir Valley) has fallen to enemy of humanity (Taliban). We lost some of our best in this unfair war inside our country. But I shall tell them one quote from this serie: "The north remembers!"

  5. a shame they ruined the show with that last aweful season. the north remembers!

  6. Gah probably still my favorite theme for a show

  7. Who thought winter could be so beautiful…

  8. As a musician, I wouldn't be able to keep a smile off my face as I played with this orchestra.

  9. Would be better if there weren’t 10 ads in it.

  10. This fills my soul with a feeling I can't even put into words. This show has stayed with me and I will forever revere and cherish the feelings and emotions it gives me. It was so monumental in my life and I loved everything about it. Listening to this gives me goosebumps. I'll be falling asleep to this more often than not. Thank you for creating something so beautiful

  11. that ending was shameful and so simple… still angry for that!!! fuck…

  12. A Girl is Arya Stark of Winterfell , and I'm going home .🤍

  13. Winterfell the city that prolapsed to start the zombie apocalypse. no one survived only the ice melted. Zombies are everywhere only that they eat cattle. Let me tell you zombies these days go AAAAAAAGHH AAAAHG and spatter with their arms… ETA 135

  14. Series needs One special nd last episode, where the last dragon meets john snow nd ride together

  15. it's a shame what they did to this great series. Dumb and Dumber (aka Dan & Dave) you'll be remembered for the shitty work you did.

  16. تذكرت سعد السماري يوووووووووووووه يا سعد وين ايامك

  17. Living in Czech Republic and walking in road while seeing the worlds big castle and that snow sync to this music.

  18. Been reading the books and playing chapter related themes. So immersive.

  19. I'm watching GoT (again) s3. Almost at the Red Wedding episode. I'm so not ready for this 😭


  21. I do always come back to this whenever I feel so sh…ty.. when I need to calm down my inner self, find some hope and believe. This music is so sad, and yet so powerful.One of my favourtie themes of all time. Music representing all I imagined about being a decent man, what I somehow maybe lost in my life, but yet it a spark of it still flows in my vains. Spark of a Stark <3

  22. when the eye sees

    wolves howl

    blue Moon

    drips into the heart

    but your ass freezes

    your dick lives

  23. While awesome music. Who was staring at the Raven to see him make a move ? 🙂 Or is it a Crow ? ^^

  24. True but 8 was completey disastrous while 7 gave a hint of what was coming

  25. All that I love ! A hymn to the wind, to the winter season, to the fluffy snow, to the black crow on the equally black branch! The earth is asleep! The retreat of the day before the grip of the night is ineffable of beauty against a background of 50 shades of blue! The wind, I feel it: it does not spare me either and increases the feeling of extreme cold! Wonderful frost. Melodious how much this perfect violin to accompany your monument of the beautiful and striking season of winter dear to my heart! Thank you and well done

  26. I feel like George's life goal is now to salvage what D&D destroyed 🙁

  27. There is but one king of the north. And his name is stark

  28. Disliked and blocked. Why? Youtube's stupid recommendations.

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