Game of Thrones S8 Official Soundtrack | A Song of Ice and Fire - Ramin Djawadi | WaterTower -

Game of Thrones S8 Official Soundtrack | A Song of Ice and Fire – Ramin Djawadi | WaterTower

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A Song of Ice and Fire – Ramin Djawadi – Game of Thrones S8
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About Game of Thrones:
Trouble is brewing in the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. For the driven inhabitants of this visionary world, control of Westeros’ Iron Throne holds the lure of great power. But in a land where the seasons can last a lifetime, winter is coming…and beyond the Great Wall that protects them, an ancient evil has returned. Based on the bestselling book series ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ by George R.R. Martin comes this epic HBO drama series set in a fantastic realm where noble families engage in a deadly fight for control.

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Game of Thrones S8 Official Soundtrack | A Song of Ice and Fire – Ramin Djawadi | WaterTower


  1. Every time I think of rhaegars death I get upset

  2. It's not a song it's a piece of our (all got fans) HEART❤🥺

  3. Ay diosmio recuerdo cuando esperabamos todos los sabados por un capitulo y nos juntabamos a verlo, que recuerdos

  4. Why does everyone ignore the fact that Daenerys is dead and praise Jon for betraying her?

  5. Still one of the best background music in a TV series of all time but still can't get over how it end badly 😪

  6. Speechless ❤️❤️❤️!!!! GOT ERA IS UNMATCHED

  7. 🦋🌓🌎🌊🌏🦅🎧🦅🌍🌊🌍🌗🦋

  8. 🦋🌎☝️🌗🌓🌗🌓🌗🌓🌗🌓🌗🌓🌗🌓🌗🌓🌗🌓🌗🌓🌗🌓🌗🌓🌗🌓🌗☝️🌍🦋

  9. 🦋🌓🌎🌊🌏🦅🎧🦅🌍🌊🌍🌗🦋

  10. These 871 peeps who disliked this are real life white walkers.

  11. ฟายเยอร์ เอฟ เอฟ⚡ says:


  12. Das lässt dich schön von Game of Thrones das gefällt mir ist das Lied und der Film gefällt mir auch sehr schön

  13. Jon Snow riding his horse towards North of The Wall. I miss GOT.

  14. Ramin Djawadi should have been the one to sit in the Iron Throne

  15. i didnt saw the show but um listinng to this

  16. This was up there with breaking bad as the greatest shows I’ve ever watched in my entire life . Born 7/25/1983.🤣

  17. Lyrics in a fake language if anyone is wondering.. 😢😅

  18. Miss you so much GOT 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  19. Ramin djawadi lifting us through his music like i am flying. Deserved any level of awards. I am eagerly him in prequel.

  20. عمران عزتی says:

    There are 2 categories of tv shows for me: GOT and the others

  21. Hit the like who have not satisfied with the last season of got 😣😣

  22. Why is this just slightly off Zelda theme

  23. I feel like the ending was written by Catelyn Stark…
    Sansa, Queen of the North,
    Brown, King of the Six Kingdoms,
    and Jon Snow, has been sent to the Wall.

  24. I missed this masterpiece series.🥺❤️

  25. The creators of music is GOAT.🙌❤️

  26. Who just came here after finishing the last episode?

  27. I like this series so much, the only series that I can remember

  28. أعظم مسلسل وأعظم حب لهيك مسلسل 😩💔

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