Game of Thrones Season 8 OST - Ending Music -

Game of Thrones Season 8 OST – Ending Music

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From: Game of Thrones Season 8
Composer(s): Ramin Djawadi


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  1. Well. Looks like we get a season 9 maybe. SNOW. Daeny is resurrected, goes on a long journey of self discovery. Finds Jon in the north. He can't believe she came to see him. She says " I just came back to give you your knife back. I'm not a thief you know."

  2. People talk smack about the last season. But any flaws were gone in my eyes just by seeing jon snow walk into the woods with his people to the last 3 min of this song.

  3. This bgm is only good thing about season 8

  4. When winter comes, you will not hear the lions roar, you will not see deer grazing in the fields, you will not see flowers growing in the meadows, you will not see snakes in the sand, nor fish in the river Even the hawks will not fly in the sky, the kraken will freeze where it used to swim, and the skinned man will rot and wither, even the breath of the dragon will not warm your halls then … you will only hear the sounds of wolves

  5. 3:18 That violin is beautiful. Evokes the Stark theme beautifully.

  6. I don't know about you all, but but I am a huge fan 😍

  7. The North knows no king but the King in the North whose name is Stark.

  8. Sounded very familiar glad they ran it back for House of The Dragons

  9. When the bit that sounds like Daenerys' theme played as the credits rolled in, I ugly cried a lot

  10. The north remembers ❤️‍🔥

  11. 4:52 Makes me think of all the fantasy universes
    Harry potter
    Lord of the rings
    Into the woods

  12. Even though the last seasons lagged the series as a whole has been an experience.

  13. Jon Snow avenged the red wedding, he is the white wolf, the king, in the north.

  14. Jon snow . The King beyond the Wall . He always belong there

  15. That transition from Goodbye Brother to A song of ice and fire is amazing at 2:10 is amazing, goosebumps at that.

  16. Man, i hope the new Snow series can help rejuvenate the white walkers and house starks arcs.

  17. Brianne finishing the deeds of jeimi lannister
    "He was a man of honour"

  18. Telling Aegon his promised prince has come & become the song of ice and fire,the king in the north✊

  19. no matter who sat the iron throne, the story has always been about the starks.

  20. I will never forgive D&D for what they did, NEVEEEERRR

  21. This theme got me through the last bit of my law studies. Whenever I felt demotivated and right at the point of giving up, I would put this on for 8 min and really get myself into the right mindset to continue. I did continue, and today I am a practising attorney. This music made me never give up. I still listen to it today when I really need a boost. How can this not inspire you?

  22. this music is very sad i love this serie and his books

  23. This might be weird but I want this played at my funeral when I’m old, the show and books mean so much to me ❤

  24. The world will remember Ramin Djawadi for creating such a once in a lifetime music.

  25. I don’t care how the last two seasons were this show will always be a masterpiece for and I was never more attached to characters than the Starks

  26. Just reminds me of Jon’s great rise the Lord Commander, King of the North, then realizing he’s amongst the legitimate heirs to the iron throne(and the better choice), all to have him riding North like a scrub. Why? Because he the Unsullied foreigners wanted him punished? For killing the murderer of 1000s?

  27. This series is so special to me I can’t wait to see how George ends it in the books can’t wait for WOW and ADOS

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