GAME OF THRONES SONG by JT Music - "Break the Night" (Azor Ahai) -

GAME OF THRONES SONG by JT Music – “Break the Night” (Azor Ahai)

JT Music
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So who do you think is Azor Ahai? Hot Pie?
Big thanks for Andrea Storm Kaden and Divide for lending their talents on this track!

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GAME OF THRONES SONG by JT Music “Break the Night” (Azor Ahai)
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  1. "Can't wait to find out who azor ahai is this season!!!"
    D&D: Yeah well… About that …

  2. “No sacrifaces in vain”

  3. If season 8 was half as good as this masterpiece than I’d be happy with the Double D Dogs

  4. All I’m saying “Buy you a skank – I’m Clegane” (instead of T-Pain’s I’ma buy u a drank)

  5. I fell bad for all the efort but this is my favorite mj song

  6. daenerys is fire and jon is ice I just realized this

  7. Even though the show came to a horrible ending I’ll always listen to this song and remember it

  8. If I were in Game of thrones I'd become the child dragon king……

  9. To all the people thinking about Azor Ahai, well the prophesy could be translated as the prince OR princess, who would break the night.
    Azor Ahai was Arya Stark

  10. His excitement is so depressing in hindsight.

  11. Here's what they should've done:
    What if Dany and Jon were both Azor Ahai reborn?
    Think about it, they both have sacrificed the ones they love for the greater good, Jon sacrificed Ygritte, Dany sacrificed Drogo.
    That would've perfectly explained why they are both the ones to stand against the darkness in the end, why Jon was brought back, why Dany's destiny brought her to this moment, it would've been perfect.
    But of course, D&D had to go and ruin that.

  12. Darn if this ain't one of the best fan songs for GoT <3

  13. What type of Genre is this song? i need more like it

  14. This song is better than everything after the first couple seasons. I mean that both as diss and compliment because this song deadass as good as the start of it

  15. this song just uped the bar for all music i wish good luck to any who to top this masterpiece

  16. very very good song! Gave me chills! The clips fit perfectly with the lyrics!


  18. Aerys was mad, Robert was stupid, Joffrey was a little shit, Tommen was a lil boy, Cercei was a mad bitch, Deanerys was Something and Bran is… Umm a tree I guess

    And even tho I hated how the series ended I don't think Jon could have been a good king, but a good Ruler in the North or even Beyond the North but It's my opinion

  19. is it wierd that I thought that this was "Stomp Out Their Hope" when I first heard it?

  20. Even tho season 8 was a disaster this song gives me hope that theres a alternative universe that GoT has a better ending
    Or someone Rewrite the script…

  21. This song is pure hype. Too bad the hype meant nothing.

  22. Whoever disliked this video should die by the e fire of dragons!

  23. Though this is beating a dead horse, This song was better than season 8.

  24. Can someone give me theory that Daenerys survived I need hope after this shi** of the season 8

  25. star trek discovery song? anyone????

    No? Okay. ;-;

  26. Let’s be honest, when Ned stark died, some of us stopped watching for awhile, and we prayed to the old gods and the new that Joffrey died.

  27. the dragon was the real hero…….for real !!!!!!

  28. "who's exited for season 8!"

    Did not age well.

  29. Why didn’t they use the main theme in the song

  30. Brain does not deserve to be the King of Westeros!!! (Tyrion: Who has a better story?) How about ANYONE else!!!!!! Anyone at all!!!!!!!

  31. Masterpiece…i can't stop listening to it. The song perfectly catches theme of Asoiaf/Got (excluding last seasons…)

  32. How have I not heard this beautiful song until now?!

  33. Man do i feel bad for everyone who invested their time in this show. Y'all got SCREWED out of like at least a week of your time collectively that you're never gonna get back…..still, the south park 'A song of ass and fire' was gold, so ein some lose some i guess.

  34. Fans: Arguing if it's Jon or Dany*

    D&D: laughing in Arya Stark*

  35. John Snow was the only real character with Plot armor

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