Grimes - Player Of Games (Official Video) -

Grimes – Player Of Games (Official Video)

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Official Video for “Player of Games” Chapter 1 of Book 1 by Grimes
Listen to “Player of Games” here:

Director: Anton Tammi

Creative Director/ Story: Grimes

Production Company: Somesuch

Executive Producer: Alli Maxwell & Tim Nash
Line Producer: Veronica Leon

Local Service Company: The LIFT

DP: Oliver Millar

2nd Unit: Tuomas Nurmi

1st AD: Oscar Almengor

Gaffer: Oscar Gonzalez

Production Designer: Pol Agusti

Grimes’ Stylist: Turner

Hair for Grimes: Preston Wada

Makeup for Grimes: Natasha Severino

Director’s Assistant: Ludwig Ljung
2nd Director’s Assistant: Otis Huss

Post Producer:
Elisa Johanna Känd
Editor: Andreas Arvidsson, WGT A&M
Additional Editor: Martin Zaar
Additional Editing: Tim Montana & Grimes
Colourist: Nicke Cantarelli
VFX & Online: Stefan Ekman
3D/VFX: Oscar Böckerman
EP Post: Sofia Misgena, WGT A&M
Sound Design: Akseli Soini
Title Design: Aleksi Tammi
Title Animation: Inari Sirola
Custom swords from Saber forge

Dark King: Andrei Pishchalnikov

Apple Music:
YouTube Music:

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  1. when the monarch is playing blue Morpho..Hench for life

  2. I listen to Doing It Stealthy on the train, and if the train doesn't go fast enough I slap the driver on the back of the head

  3. I listen to Doing It Stealthy when I'm experiencing existential dread. It makes it worse but… I just can't stop.

  4. Doing It Stealthy helps me to process my feelings about 9/11.

  5. My mom is such a huge Oloff fan that she got the lyrics to 'Doing It Stealthy' tattooed across her breasts.

  6. Before I started listening to Oloff I was depressed, homeless and had erectile dysfunction. I'm still homeless and depressed but my boners are crazy now.

  7. Oloff is the greatest rapper of all time, apart from the guys in Blazin' Squad

  8. ʇᴉ ʇnoqɐ ƃuos ɐ ǝʞɐɯ puɐ rape a turtle oʇ ɟɟolO ʇuɐʍ I

  9. ˙ǝʌᴉlɐ ɹǝddɐɹ ʇsǝq ǝɥʇ sᴉ ɟɟolO

  10. I met Oloff at a supermarket once and asked him ''How did you write Doing It Stealthy?'' he didn't answer, he was too busy paying for his asparagus.


    Rumour has it one time Oloff was sat next to Jar Jar Binks on a flight. Jar Jar kept kicking the chair in front of him and generally being obnoxious, nobody knew what to do. Eventually one of the flight attendants came over and asked Oloff if he would perform one of his songs to calm Jar Jar down, and when Oloff began rapping the first verse to Doing It Stealthy, Jar Jar immediately relaxed. To this day the two are still close friends.

  12. You are amazing woman! 👏 Continue like that. Love you

  13. She is absolutely stunning in this video.

  14. So I imagine Elon musk plays too many video games lol but I do and I appreciate her encouragement…….

  15. We all want that girl that just freaking beats the shit out of you cuz you're not paying attention

  16. In the end it's truly just about going to sleep but you know 8 hours awake sucks ass sleeping's all right lol 🤪

  17. Every gamer out there this is a dream You've got a 1% chance in a million Good luck for every single person out there 🙂

  18. Omg, que vibe essa música. Grimes me causa uma sensação incrível.

  19. She's depicting arch angel Micheal and the devil fighting. The sword of fire her standing above the knight she stands above on hus thrown, how it switches from blue to red when they switch plays, the fact the knight slices her and then she falls and it switches to a song about the fallen angels

  20. Валерия Геллерт | Gellert Lera | фан-канал says:

    Сто процентов это хит. Великолепный голос и прекрасная музыка.
    Видео достойно больших наград. Супер!!!

  21. jesus, lightsabers too? you really are a hack. speedrunning late-career Madonna's face too

  22. Sunlight in your eyes
    The last angel
    Fell out from the sky

    Beauty loved the beast
    He just stares into the sun
    There ain't no Heaven

    The angels here are the only ones
    They fall like Lucifer
    I can't beat God
    I fall like Lucifer
    They can't beat God
    And now I'm here on Earth
    Because I'm not an angel baby

  23. Babefake… would u still like me…out there on jupiter… when Richard Branson Jess Bexas and Eliana moscow come back as Tom cruise clones from the TET

  24. This is the tic tac ufo theme as it comes out of the water closet as the taiwan straights

  25. Doesn't matter what echelon of society one is in..players gonna play, fuckers.

  26. This Is Called A Man A Knight Falling In Love With A Elf Sorcerer He Kills Her Now She's An Angel Who Watches Over Him Because In Their World They Are Not Suppose To Be Together So She Wants Him To Play The Game One Last Time.

    Let this be the day that you almost caught the people that were destined to rescue Morpheus and one day he would have to make a choice either to grow up or to stay in The Matrix forever
    Mr Anderson that is the sound of inevitability
    Mr Anderson that is the sound of inevitability

  28. People have overestimated this. listening with headphones really shows the quality of this.

  29. Claire, Madlene, Pesephone I do undertand the love to the oceans. But still be truthfull to who you are, people need a player of change to understand the world. I a deeply tortured feeling I am wearing your dress in your one movie. Even though we could be linked. We are talking about a mass killer here.

  30. You are living your game, and when you wake up it will scare the shit out of you Grimy.

  31. Does this fight looks like kylo ren and rey cuz WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT GUYS LIGHTSABER and HERS

  32. It's been 7 months and I still CANNOT GET ENOUGH of this song!!!

  33. Grimes is easily the most creative artist in music right now and this video proves it!!

  34. Is Elon Musk under that helmet? 😂

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