Grimes - Player Of Games (Official Video) -

Grimes – Player Of Games (Official Video)

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Official Video for “Player of Games” Chapter 1 of Book 1 by Grimes
Listen to “Player of Games” here:

Director: Anton Tammi

Creative Director/ Story: Grimes

Production Company: Somesuch

Executive Producer: Alli Maxwell & Tim Nash
Line Producer: Veronica Leon

Local Service Company: The LIFT

DP: Oliver Millar

2nd Unit: Tuomas Nurmi

1st AD: Oscar Almengor

Gaffer: Oscar Gonzalez

Production Designer: Pol Agusti

Grimes’ Stylist: Turner

Hair for Grimes: Preston Wada

Makeup for Grimes: Natasha Severino

Director’s Assistant: Ludwig Ljung
2nd Director’s Assistant: Otis Huss

Post Producer:
Elisa Johanna Känd
Editor: Andreas Arvidsson, WGT A&M
Additional Editor: Martin Zaar
Additional Editing: Tim Montana & Grimes
Colourist: Nicke Cantarelli
VFX & Online: Stefan Ekman
3D/VFX: Oscar Böckerman
EP Post: Sofia Misgena, WGT A&M
Sound Design: Akseli Soini
Title Design: Aleksi Tammi
Title Animation: Inari Sirola
Custom swords from Saber forge

Dark King: Andrei Pishchalnikov

Apple Music:
YouTube Music:

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  1. If anyone would deserves a melodic eulogy, then it should be EM. What a beautiful, artistic and passionately described story.

  2. let elon musk and his bs friends live on Mars, a planet with 0 air and worst conditions ever to a human being, let them die on the sand planet it'll be fun

  3. Love the song, but the video is super cliche about "games" 🙁

  4. Bro I don't care what alphabet you use YOU DO NOT JUST GRAB A LIGHT SABER


  5. actually for you I'd give my heart on a silver plate if asked

  6. Одни сиськи письки и убийства – банальщица , село и люди

  7. I’m in love ❤️‍🔥💗👑⚡️👻🥷

  8. I feel like she’s referencing the game where deep blue ( the computer) won against the human player in chess, a development from our first research on AI. She loves it just like Elon but she feels she is here and now on earth! She is not Angel, baby. She will never compare to the adventure out there with a man who seeks anything that is not right in front of him. That will always win sadly. Killing the queen right in front of him.

  9. I love u, nice song and your voice is amazing

  10. My first thought was 'What is this elf doing with the Lich King?'

  11. Even with all the changes grimes has gone through her music will never cease to intranse me. Like damn-

  12. Grimes, my darling, when I was jammin with you 10 yrs ago on cid I fkn understood everything you said. Stay at it my reptilian queen

  13. Sword between her legs, symbolism maybe? can't help but wonder if she's been accused of using her kids as weapons? So much conceptualism, love it

  14. But yeah she's only going to be happy if she wins

  15. This songs about how elon cheated on grimes with amber heard gross a*s 😿💔

  16. I get silly how everything in this clip is amazing!

  17. cuando grimes haga vibrar en algun concierto a sus espectadores entonces habremos entrado a otra etapa musical en lo q a conciertos refiere

  18. Grimes, get your unique style of music back (like Visions). This is degradation :((

  19. I heard that Song first in Rocket League…and now i'm in Love🥰😅

  20. please please please release the song at the end!!!!

  21. Pink lightsaber versus Sauron? Mad woman

  22. Grimes does all these strange things but looks so natural and so real, this is what makes her unique.. besides her voice and her talent of course.

  23. grimes this is just cruel, when are we getting the album?

  24. This is high art, this is fcking amazing

  25. Властелин колец × Звездные войны

  26. Its crazy 7 months have passed by already. Feels like last week i saw this pop up as new! As ive listened many times, i learn to appreciate little tidbits here and there and just enjoy so much of it over and over. Never ending art in one song. I wish i could collab so hard. ♡

  27. W H A T has Elon been doing to upset Grimes lol

  28. That dudes helmet sure reminds me of Overlord.

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