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Guess the 2000s Song Music Quiz

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Can you guess the 2000s song? In the guess the song 2000s music quiz you have to name the song for 50 of the most popular songs from the 2000-2010 decade. How many song titles and performing artists can you get correct under time pressure?

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  1. Got all but 5 so I got 45/50
    Yay 😀 me haha

  2. "Ding dong, I know you can hear me, open up the door… I only wanna play a little…"
    (Finish the lyrics if you know the song. I got bored so I decided to start this. Cuz why not?)

  3. I suck at knowin titles and artists so imma just give myself a point if I know the song by the beat as well if i can name it by title or who its by.

  4. If you're in, or were in band then you knew seven nation army for sureeee

  5. Lol I knew I would do badly with this one, since I really did not like most music post 2000. But, that being said, I still did better than I expected lol. 15/50 (both song title and artist) Sadly since the early 2000's music has become very commercialised, leaving artists with very little to distinguish themselves from each other. Many of the songs I thought they were somebody else lol. The times given here should be enough time to pick up who the artist is simply from their style. Much of the tracks that I did pick up both the title and artist were older artists who started pre-2000's and had a distinct style.

  6. How about Mariah Carey she had more in the '90s and she did not make that list but she had a lot in 2000s too

  7. Me a 2009 born person: I WILL DESTROY THIS CHALLENGE

  8. where’s aaliyah? “try again “ or “rock the boat “ should’ve been included

  9. The 2000s was a great decade for Music except for Country and Rap

  10. I take it your not a rock/metal fan because this entire list is just pop,rap and whatever crap the rest was

  11. 4:08
    My mind somehow linked the beginning to "Werewolves of London" the 2007 remastered version. I thought I was being dumb but I listened to this video and then listened to the beginning of Werewolves of London and they sound pretty close.

  12. Are we allowed to pause it while we think? Lol

  13. got 26/60😂😂expected it if the was hip hop in this would have done better i gues

  14. disappointed that danity kane didn’t show up , my childhood

  15. 34 out of 50? Not terrible 😅 the worst part was knowing the song but not the name, or only getting half of it right. There were several where I didn’t remember the artist.

  16. 1. Idk
    2. Idk
    3. Idk
    4. Idk
    5. Idk
    6. Idk
    7. Idk
    8. Kesha apu- Tik tok
    9. Idk
    10. Idk
    11. Idk
    12. Idk
    13. Usher bhaia,Lil Jon and Ludacrais bhaia- Yeah
    14. Eminem bhaia- Lose yourself
    15. Idk
    16. Shakira apu- Whenever wherever
    17. Idk
    18. Idk
    19. Idk
    20. Idk
    21. Idk
    22. Miley Cyrus- Party in the U.S.A
    23. Idk
    24. Idk
    25. Idk
    26. Idk
    27. Idk
    28. Idk
    29. Idk
    30. Idk
    31. Idk
    32. Idk
    33. Idk
    34. Idk
    35. Idk
    36. Idk
    All are wrong and 5 are correct

  17. 34/50 oof. I was doing great until like 38ish and then started missing like every single one lol. I was born in 2000 tho, so I don’t feel like I did THAT bad, especially for my age lol

  18. You know how old you are when you think Sweet Home Alabama instead of Kid Rock

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