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Guess the 40 Disney Songs Music Quiz

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Are you ready Disney fans? It’s the guess the Disney songs & movies quiz! I have 40 of your favourite Disney songs waiting for you and your challenge is to guess the song title and the Disney movie from a short soundbite ! How many songs and movies can you name correctly in this Disney music quiz?

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  1. Great stuff
    Wish their wasn't so much dead time in between songs😄😁

  2. I got ever single one correct 😂 man I watch alot of Disney well I do love the songs

  3. I got 39/40. I just don't know brother bear and that kind of annoyed me but it is fine. And I am very proud of that score 🙂

  4. 37/40
    Peter Pan, Coco and Tangled got me.

  5. And the answer was HAKUNA MATAT / THE LION KING
    Name the song and Movie

  6. Oof 3/40 because I’m older now and I don’t remember much anymore

  7. 39,5/40, because I forgot the name of the Monster Inc. Song😳

  8. I haven’t watched Aladdin and I new the song

  9. I remember from mena massoud and naomi Scott

  10. I saw all the Disney movies but not all of them

  11. Thought i was gonna do horrible, but ended up getting 32/40 lol

  12. I did better than I thought I would! I only missed 3 but that was due to not having seen one, one I dont care for the song so I dont listen to it, and the last I confused it with another that sounded the same. 😂😂😂

    I feel I redeemed myself though because half the time I could name the performer of the song or EXACTLY where it fell in the movie.

  13. 31/40 and I usually just hear the German version, my friend got 16/40

  14. 38.5 bc I've never seen coco and I forgot which movie when you wish upon a star was from.

  15. I thought i would do terrible i ended getting 35/40♡

  16. Hatuka matata lion king let it go frozen friend like me Aladdin under the sea the little mermaid
    Bare necssseties jungle book when you wish upon a star pinochio your welcome Moana when will my life begin tangled once upon a dream sleeping beauty remember me Coco be our guest beauty and the beast you've got a friend in me toy story I just can't wait to be king lion king Pocahontas colors of the wind Cinderella bibbidi bibbidi boo I see the light tangled a whole new world Aladdin you'll be in my heart Tarzan almost princess and the frog you can fly peter pan I'll make a man out of you Mulan beauty and the beast beauty and the beast part of your world the little mermaid life is a highway cars cruella de vile 101 dalmation I wanna be like you jungle book how far I'll go Moana if I didn't have you monsters ic heigh ho snow white circle of life lion king bella notte lady and the tramp prince Ali Aladdin kiss the girl the little mermaid beauty and the beast Gaston strangers like me Tarzan I've got a dream tangled love is an open door frozen reflection Mulan just around the Riverbend Pocahontas on my way brother bear

  17. 30/40 and I'm low key sad I was supposed to get more.

  18. I know all the movies and songs but I don't rlly know all of the names of the song I know some of them haha 😅

  19. Some of these are really old so some of these I can't remember because I used to watch some of these movies when I was young

  20. 38/40 i guess i am kind of a disney nerd

  21. Only ones that I got wrong with the one from Tarzan and Pocahontas

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