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Guess the Game Music

Sheet Music Boss
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Guess the Game Music by Various Artists
Performed by Rafał Bienias
Edited by Samuel Dickenson
Rendered with Embers 🔥
Produced by Andrew Wrangell & Samuel Dickenson

Find our official sheet music here:
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  1. Бебры все в адидасах…

  2. Hard tier was the easiest for me. So many memories..

  3. I got 2 and 10, recognised 3 but have never played angry birds, and also recognised 11 although I’ve never heard of the game and recognised 12.
    I didn’t play a lot of games as a kid except Minecraft and Animal Jam

  4. can't believe I got the bad piggies theme lol

  5. Ironically, I recognized ALL of the Hard songs, I only got Sweden and Crash Bandicoot from the other two 😂

  6. As a person who has listened almost 10 h of 9,it was the most ez

  7. I got all the hard stuff and got less than half of everything else 💀💀

  8. Got em' all but the 2 games I have never played. Duck Tales, and Bad Piggies.

  9. Almost none easy about half the medium and almost all Hard XD

  10. I got 100 percent only because I have over 2000 games on my moded Xbox and over 100 PlayStation games on all PlayStation consoles and 50 snes games
    I play too many video games

  11. Minecraft angry birds
    Bad piggies Mario

  12. Clacalabro / never hack me / WOW 200 SUBS says:

    Tier 2 Easy minecraft

  13. I couldn't get most of the easy or medium ones but got all of the hard ones (except Bad Piggies) because I am old.

  14. You see I am old in games and when I heard minecraft c418 I cried this music of my childhood and I am 14 years old I downloaded minecraft at 6 years old and since that comment I play minecraft MINECRAFT IS MY LIFE MINERAFT

  15. 0:441:00: I knew this when I was a little dude when I watched a cartoon about it

  16. Gotta put a sea of thieves shanty in here or something

  17. I barely got half of the ones in the Easy and Medium Tier combined, but I knew every single song in the Hard Tier

  18. i know all of these but i had no clue what any of them were from except for sweden

  19. I guess the bad piggies theme song on the hard tier I mean I play Bad Piggies so it’s easy to get it when you play the game

  20. How come I almost immediately recognized all the "hard" tier songs

  21. Number 2 and 9 hit me with Nostalgia. Didn't expect that

  22. Even though number nine was in the heart tier I got it right because I play bad piggies I know what the theme is I recognize it when I hear like an atom five part of it

  23. I guess only Bad Piggies and Minecraft and I do not sad

  24. I got the second one, the third one, the ninth one, the eleventh one, and I didn't get all the others because I haven't played them (Except for the Mario one, I should've known that).

  25. MINECRAFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Anyone who has binged Ducktales multiple times would know 12. I meant specifically the newer series of Ducktales.

  27. how did you put bad piggies into hard mode? everybody knows that nostalgic theme

  28. Dovakin from Skyrim.

    Sweden from Minecraft, by C418.

    Angry Birds main theme.

    GTA4 main theme.

    You're gaslighting me, this is clearly from Requiem for a Dream.

    The Witcher 3 main theme.

    At Doom's Gate from Doom.

    Crash Bandicoot main theme.

    Bad Piggies main theme.

    Credits theme from Super Mario World, by Koji Kondo.

    Great Fairy from Ocarina of Time.

    Moon theme from Ducktales.

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