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Guess the Greatest Hits Songs Music Quiz

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For this music trivia quiz I’ve made a selection of 50 of the most famous pop songs ever, based on the all time greatest hits charts from around the world. In the greatest hits music quiz, your challenge is to guess the song and the performing artist from just a short sound bite!

What’s your favourite song of all time? Share in the comments and also share how you scored in the quiz, I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. for all accept like 5 of em i knew the title or the artist or both

  2. What is the name of the piano song in the intro?

  3. 33/50

    66% I did OK

    here are the bloopers:

    got bob dylan as artist but not that song
    didn't get metallica
    what is meat loaf
    I guessed the clash for kiss ._.
    roy orbinson more like noy guesingson
    marvin….forgive me
    and also the beach boys
    I haven't seen the rain
    hallo julia by jeff back
    I am not sittin
    van morrison is worse than jim morrison
    Recreation.Everday.Music R.E.M
    Bridge over dasani water by simone and garfield
    guessed bob Marley not the song
    sally by someone and lady gogo
    respek by are frank
    Born to not drink dasani by bruce lee

  4. Nice to hear some older songs and give me a chance. When I go to pub quizzes, the music round is all new stuff or rap. I never get any of them.

  5. 42/50 . A couple that I missed, I knew, but didn't have quite enough time.

  6. Greatest hit??? More like greatest flops!!!!

  7. Number 15 i immediately pictured jeremy clarkson

  8. make more quizzes like this! hits of all time not just new songs, i liked it

  9. alright… I have one serious problem with this video – there's a picture of Michael Jackson in the thumbnail of this video and rightfully so… an argument could be made for several of his songs to make a list called "the 50 greatest songs of all time"… yet NONE of them are actually included in this video… meanwhile, there's stuff like 'seven nation army' by the white stripes and 'shallow' by Bradly Cooper&Lady Gaga in the quiz video – which by no stretch of the imagination have any damn business being included in a list called "50 greatest hits of all time"

  10. did you know you skip number 8? so the scores technically out of 49..

  11. Pretty easy, but I'm an old fart. Got ALL artists, but couldn't come up with the song name in time on all, but most.

  12. As a 30 years old I scored 94/100. Still listening 60s, 70s records. Those times are such gold mine for quality nice music

  13. Nazirنذير Albashaar البشار says:

    Came here to guess good music. Cheers to you for playing Dire Straits, like has been gifted

  14. 1: Queen- Bohemian rhapsody
    2: Eagles- Hotel California
    3: Bob Dylan- Like a rolling stone
    4: Nirvana- Smells like teen spirit
    5: Rolling stones- Satisfaction
    6: Led zeppelin- Stairway to heaven
    7: John Lennon- Imagine❤
    9: Toto- Africa
    10: Beatles- Hey Jude
    11: Metallica- Nothing else matters
    12: Pink floyd- Another brick in the wall
    13: Prince- Purple rain
    14: Meat loaf- Paradise by the dashboard light
    15: ??
    16: Fleetwood mac- Go your own way
    17: Adele- Rolling in the deep
    18: Oasis- Wonderwall
    19: Red hot chili peppers- Under the bridge
    20: Dire straits- Sultans of swing
    21: Abba- Dancing queen❤
    22: Coldplay- The scientist
    23: ??
    24: ??
    25: Beegees- Stayin alive❤(amazing band)
    26: Elvis Presley- Jailhouse rock
    27: ??
    28: Roy Orbison- Pretty woman
    29: Marvin Gaye- What's going on❤
    30: Beach boys- Good vibrations
    31: ??
    32: ??
    33: Jeff Buckley- Hallelujah
    34: Otis Redding- Sittin on the dock of the bay
    35: ??
    36: REM- Losing my religion
    37: ??
    38: David Bowie- Heroes
    39: ??
    40: Billy Joel- Pianoman
    41: Bob Marley- ??
    42: Lady Gaga- Shallow
    43: Guns n roses- Sweet child omine
    44: Aretha Franklin- Respect
    45: ??
    46: Johnny Cash- Hurt
    47: ??
    48: Chuck Berry- Johnny b goode
    49: ??
    50: ??

  15. I guessed 30/50 of them correctly.

    So, I guess that means that I guessed 60% of them correctly.

  16. I like this. It brings me joy, that I can play this with my friends. Of course I won, simple as that. Joni Saloranta is a loser.

  17. me,most the video: ahh, i dont know any of these!



    also me: i just can't get any correct! and- STAYING ALIVE BY BEES GEES- it seems like i don't know music that well like i thought it's so sad and- oh i know this song, its called ''hallelujiah,right?'' anyways,

  18. I missed 3 but new the name of the song on 2 of them. I missed hallelujah the killers mr bright side and Coldplay whatever that song was

  19. Nice mix. A bit uneven with the difficulty level, some of the more exotic songs got only very few seconds of the Intro or solo to guess while others got big parts of the recognizable bits… seems a tad mean. Either make all outtakes the same length or at least announce if you take all the songs just first few seconds or somewhere at random that is not mentioning the songtitle (i think you even messed that up with Adele her songtitle was in the bit)

  20. 37/50 And I'm not particularly proud of it

  21. I got 42/50 😊

    I grew up with classic hits as a kid and I’m not even 30 yet 💪

  22. Lol I only got the ones I listened to right…some I never liked so didn't listen 😅

  23. 1. Bohemian rhapsody 2. Hotel California 3.? 4. Smells like Teen spirit 5. I can't get no satisfaction 6. Stairway to heaven 7. Imagine 9. Africa 10. Hey Jude 11.? 12. Another brick in the wall 13.? 14.? 15. I recognize it 16. Go your own way 17. Rolling in the deep 18. Wonderwall 19. I recognize it 20. I recognize it 21. Dancing queen 22. The scientist 23.? 24.? 25. Staying alive 26. Jailhouse rock 27. Mr. Brightside 28. Oh pretty woman 29.? 30.? 31.? 32.? 33. Hallelujah 34. I recognize it 35. Brown eyed girl 36. Losing my religion 37. Bitter sweet symphony 38.? 39.? 40. Piano man 41. Bob Marley 42.? 43. Sweet child of mine 44. Respect 45.? 46.? 47. I recognize it 48. Johnny B. Goode 49. I recognize it 50.?

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