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Guess the Song | Greatest Hits Music Quiz | 100 Songs

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It’s our biggest quiz ever: the guess the song music quiz greatest hits edition. Get ready for 30 minutes of quiz fun and great music!

For this music quiz video, I have lined up 100 of the greatest hits of all time. You will hear a short sound bite for each song and your challenge is to guess the song title and the performing artist. How many songs and performers can you name correctly?

I hope you enjoy the 100 greatest hits guess the song music quiz! Share your score in the comments and for much more quiz fun subscribe to The Quiz Channel, I upload two brand new quizzes to the channel every week on Tuesday and Friday!


  1. 58/100. Although i am only 15 i am a bit disappointed with my result.

  2. Hey! #86 it's a Leonards Cohen song. that's not fair

  3. 34/100 Recognize some but not many. I guess I've been sleeping under a rock from the classics. I'm sure I'll have it all figured out in the end.

  4. 74.5/100 + a few annoying reveals. Great quiz BTW 😍

  5. Loved it!!
    wrong answers: 5
    wrong title, right artist: 6
    right title, wrong artist: 9

  6. To the content creator, your quiz is a delightful journey. We loved it!

  7. No way paper planes by M.I.A is here (love the song but!?!? It’s above THE CLASH!?!?!?)

  8. You skipped a couple of numbers in the beginning.

  9. Enjoyed the quiz, but the music clips were too short.

  10. Are you able to make a playlist like this with a little longer music for senior citizens? 😊

  11. No metal? At least put Metallica or Black Sabbath

  12. number 90 could also be travelin band by car

  13. 80/100 but some songs I know, did not recognise 🙄

  14. 80/100. Disappointed in myself, especially because I play the songpop app at least twice weekly (they don’t have access to all artists’ music like Zeppelin, Eagles, Beatles, AC/DC, MJ). Of the 20 I missed, I knew the artist/band on 18; just guessed the wrong song title. Good mix of music though!

  15. Got 86/100 song names, and recognised 96/100 of the songs 😊

  16. I'm 53, I knew 73/94 song titles and 72/94 artist names. 6 songs are no longer in the playlist: 6, 9, 16, 34, 44, and 55

  17. 51 A lot of, at least to me, Unknowns

  18. So I got every single song except for number 69. Some weird song called Paper Planes by somebody no one has even heard of, M.I.A … What the f**k??

  19. There are like four other songs with One including by Metallica

  20. 60/100. I’ve never been more stressed in my life.

  21. Michael Jackson the beach boy uptown funk OutKast’s prince Whitney Houston Beyoncé Madonna Adele happy AC/DC Rihanna Kelly charkson Elvis

  22. Knew most of the songs, not enough time to get the artist, signing in my head. I got about 50/50.

  23. Great quiz, but has anyone noticed that this quiz isn't out of 100?

    Questions 6, 9, 16, 34, 44 and 55 seem to be missing… 🤔

    So technically got 65/94 👍🏼

  24. Blowing In The Wind and Like A Rolling Stone don’t sound like Dylan or the original versions at all.

  25. My results:
    1 complete fail
    19 unknown Songs (embarrassing)
    20 known songs that I wasn´t able to guess neither the interpret nor the song title correctly
    12 songs where I only got either the interpret or the song title correct

  26. Quiet noce but there arę only 94 songs!

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