Guess the Song Music Quiz | 100 Most Popular Songs 2000 to 2023 -

Guess the Song Music Quiz | 100 Most Popular Songs 2000 to 2023

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Can you guess 100 of the most popular songs since the year 2000 by a short soundbite? Let’s find out in the guess the song music quiz featuring 100 of the most popular songs between 2000 and 2023!

For this music quiz, I have lined up 100 of the most popular songs since the year 2000. You will hear a short clip of a song and your challenge is to guess the song title and the performing artist before the timer runs out. How many songs can you guess correctly?

I hope you enjoy the guess the song music quiz for the 2000s. For more quiz fun, subscribe to The Quiz Channel!


  1. Most popular songs without Linkin park, really???

  2. Let's goooo 94/100 👍🗿👍

  3. Hi Floris–Can I ask you how you are able to use clips from those songs? I got a copyright claim for a video I did using similar clips. Do you claim fair use? Thanks!

  4. Love this video, I think I’ve watched it four times.

  5. I truly love your channel. Keep doing the best work.

  6. I only got 48 out of the out of the 100. I know all of my Dua lipa like the back of my hand. A lot of the early 2000 stuff sucks, beyoncé sucks, Katy Perry sucks. I guess I don't really care for pop music lol. I listen to a crap ton of heavy hard metal music 🤟🏼

  7. Had no idea – apart from Dance Monkey, by Tones & I 🤣

  8. The amount of ads ruined the video like fuck off

  9. When you know the song, but you don't know name

  10. Most of these songs are from after 2010, bad video

  11. I only did the first 48. I got 11/48. But there some I knew the song but not the name.🤦‍♀

  12. My Superpower: Sing all the lyrics of the song bot dont the name and artist … 😅

  13. why is it mostly white guys there aren't black musicians 💦👎

  14. Please stop playing the weird computer music between the song and answer… it throws me off every time

  15. I know song but I don't know song name
    ~Jeon Jungkook

  16. it’s very cool, I know all of these songs, they’re really like a fire 😍😍☺️🔥🔥🔥🔥

  17. Love this song 💕💕💕💕💕 got 60/100

  18. Dislike!!! Where is the Bebe Rexa??!?!?!?? 😡🤬🤬🤯😤

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