Guess the Video Game Music Quiz [Easy - Impossible] -

Guess the Video Game Music Quiz [Easy – Impossible]

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Hello, The BreatherZ here. This is Guess the Video Game Music Quiz.

Here are the rules:
Guessing the video game series points:
Easy = 1 Point
Medium = 2 Points
Hard = 3 Points
Impossible = 4 Points
If you guess the correct specific game the song is from, you get an extra point.

We do not own any of the IPs shown in this video. They are owned by their respective companies.

Music used in the video:
Title Theme:
de Blob – Blissful
Credits Theme: Sonic Unleashed – Spagonia (Night)

Artwork used in video:





Thank for watching, like the video and comment your score below.


  1. 1k views and 6 subs that’s just disrespectful

  2. Can some tell me why Devils Never Cry always plays when I leave the house

  3. I got Cuphead right solely by matching the animation style reference to the music style reference in the context of when they were most popular in actual history and guessing that if the game looked like that it probably had a theme that sounds like this

  4. The main brawl theme as medium difficulty? Bruh come on 🤣

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