Guess the Video Game Music Quiz [Easy - Impossible] -

Guess the Video Game Music Quiz [Easy – Impossible]

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Hello, The BreatherZ here. This is Guess the Video Game Music Quiz.

Here are the rules:
Guessing the video game series points:
Easy = 1 Point
Medium = 2 Points
Hard = 3 Points
Impossible = 4 Points
If you guess the correct specific game the song is from, you get an extra point.

We do not own any of the IPs shown in this video. They are owned by their respective companies.

Music used in the video:
Title Theme:
de Blob – Blissful
Credits Theme: Sonic Unleashed – Spagonia (Night)

Artwork used in video:





Thank for watching, like the video and comment your score below.


  1. This game made me realize how I do not know FPS games

    Also, Jontron helped me guess the last one

  2. 5:01 Coryxkenshin puts this song in his videos
    Man i miss him so much

  3. I got 36
    Good, i guess?
    I don't play first person shooters so i guessed precisely none of them right

  4. Me: Gets nearly every medium one wrong

    Also me: Hears the first hard song Oh that’s cuphead. I don’t play cuphead, but I know that’s cuphead.

  5. Impossible: "I dont know, i dont know, i dont know – THATS FU**ING BUBSY!!!"

  6. :1Mario
    :2 Sonic
    :3 Pockimon
    :4 halo
    :5 Spider man
    :6 Teris
    :7 Angry birds
    :8 Wii Sports
    :9 i dont know
    10: idk
    11: little big big
    12 Uncarted
    13 pacman
    14 werr
    15 Mega man

    Thats all i can do

  7. I had all but CS, Marvel, and killzone until impossible where I only got Fat Princess. 41 + 21 bonus for a total of 62. did I pass?

  8. Lets see how hard i flop 🤩
    1. Mario
    2. Idk
    3. Pokemon 😍
    4. Hmm sounds familiar
    5. Zelda 🤩
    6. Tetris
    7. Seems familiar, i like how it sounds
    8. Wii sports 😍
    9. Animal crossing 😭
    10. Idk
    11. No clue
    12. Idk
    13. Seems familiar, maybe my dad played it
    14. Super familiar
    15. Idk
    16. Seems familiar
    17. Sounds like something y dad has played before
    18. I could not tell you
    19. Seems familiar
    20. Crash bandicoot
    20. Sounds cool but idk
    21. Sounds like something my dad would play (its not omg lol)
    22. Idk
    23. Sounds like im on drugs tbh
    24. Sounds like a pew pew game 🤩
    25. What kind of drugs am i on in this game
    26. Kinda sounds like a mix of poemon and mario cart
    27. Some sort of mii game? If not its super familiar (its a wii game omg the memories)
    28. Idk 😍
    29. Sounds like dance music in an old game mixed with a bit of mario

  9. I got 40. Though I'm really upset that I confused the Kingdom Hearts theme with the Xenoblade theme.

  10. The first song of medium: Bro this is Smash Brawl, so famous lol

  11. Bro respect for Fat Princess man!
    I remember when I used to play it when I was at my cousin’s house!

  12. The main brawl theme as medium difficulty? Bruh come on 🤣

  13. I got Cuphead right solely by matching the animation style reference to the music style reference in the context of when they were most popular in actual history and guessing that if the game looked like that it probably had a theme that sounds like this

  14. Can some tell me why Devils Never Cry always plays when I leave the house

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