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[GUESS THE VIDEO GAME THEME] – Gaming Soundtracks – Difficulty πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

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Trivia Time! Can you guess all the video game theme & soundtracks? Difficulty: Intermediate
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Here is how it works:

– There are 20 questions with themes & soundtracks from video games
– You have 10 seconds to guess which game belongs to the theme
– After 5 seconds you will receive a hint. In most cases the timer background also reveals some info!!
– The answers will follow after each gaming soundtrack and can also be found below

Good luck!

– Tracklist / Answers –

1. Sogni di Volare – Cristopher Tin (Civilization VI)
2. Apex Legends: Main Theme – Stephen Barton (Apex Legends)
3. Prophet Journey – Hans Zimmer (Crysis 2)
4. Formula 1 Theme – Brian Tyler (F1 2019)
5. Halo – Martin O’Donnel, Michael Salvatori (Halo)
6. Warbringers: Jaina – Neal Acree, Logan Laflotte (World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth)
7. The Choice – Gustavo Santoalalla, Alan Umstead (Last of Us)
8. Main Theme – Tom Salta (Player’s Unknownbattleground)
9. Main Theme – Brian Tyler (Assassin’s Creed Black Flag)
10. Legends never die – Against the Current (League of Legends)
11. Dragonborn – Jeremy Soule (Skyrim)
12. Techno Syndrome – The Immortals (Mortal Kombat)
13. Main Title – Peter McConnell (Hearthstone)
14. The Light in us all – Jim Guthrie, JJ Ipsen (Planet Coaster)
15. Theme – London Music Works (Battlefield 1942)
16. God of War – Bear McCreary (God of War)
17. Under Construction – Jerry Martin (The Sims)
18. Victory – Neal Acree, Derek Duke (Overwatch)
19. When the morning light shines in – Dan Romer (Far Cry 5)
20. Openings Titles – Hans Zimmer (Modern Warfare 2)

We do not own the clips and music used in the video and we do not monetize our videos.
Credits to the game developers & media owners.

Guess the Video Game Theme & Soundtrack.
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  1. Guess the Video Game Volume 2 is now online! Go check out this new (impossible) version!

  2. i was like crossing fingers not to see or hear fortnite when i heard PUBG theme 😁😁🀣🀣 nice choice of games but, elders scrolls, mass effect command and conquer.. etc u could include in it, no matter of the year of reelese. like prince of persia and so on.
    btw, nice choice again and keep up πŸ’ͺ

  3. how about next time, choosing some actually recognisable themes? Who even plays Apex Legends, let alone knows its music?

  4. as soon I heard number 5 I knew it was halo because I play it from. 12:00 am to 9:00 pm

    anything made for ps2 xbox 360 and older is good if it was created for later than ps3 than it is considered shit

  6. You should do one where you give them one lyric to guess which song it was from (show some love to game songs with lyrics)

  7. Not knowing Halo's main theme is illegal, u must live under a rock to not recognize it

  8. I believe everything has one anthem that everyone knows. For gaming, that anthem is the Dragonborn

  9. …..

    None. 0/20. Not enough old titles to prop my score up, heh.

  10. Got 10/20 so I broke even which isn't that bad, but tbh I didn't expect the F1 intro to be in this.

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