Guess Video Game Music on Piano (Part 2) -

Guess Video Game Music on Piano (Part 2)

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Can you guess all 25 video game themes on the piano? This music quiz contains music from some of the most famous video games played on the piano. How many tracks can you guess? Comment below! 🙂

• Arranged by OKmusic


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  1. So many of this sounded like human fall flat

  2. as an overwatch addict i’m ashamed i couldn’t recognize the theme

  3. I thought fallout was mine raft then I realised just in time

  4. Bruv I played almost all these games and got barely any right cause I never use game audio

  5. 1 pvz
    2 pokemon
    3 crash bandicoot 4
    4 gta
    5 halo
    6 the legend of Zelda
    7 fortnite
    8 CLC
    9 mariocart WII
    10 COD modern warfare 2

  6. Here we go off the rails come on it's time to set our sails it's freedom like you never knew…

  7. And i like 11 good song and be a big shot

  8. Im ashamed to say i only got 6, even though i knew most of them. Especially portal. WHY DIDNT I GET PORTAL?!?!? RRRRRGBUMBLE!!!

  9. Thk for put gta san andreas you are mi idol!

  10. I guessed 5 🙁

    but hey no fair i heard atleast 2 times in my life almost all of those songs but never knew the game IAODJIADJIAsajwdajdjadjakSAWKDAKJAsAHDJAJHJHJH

    for example the Silent Hill 2 one is used for literally every creepypasta video

  11. I got 22 out of 25

    Gotta have BF1 in one of these,

  12. This video reminds me that I'm pore and really need to play more than free and really wanted games

  13. I love how everyone has just agreed that thelivingtombstone’s fnaf song is the fnaf theme

  14. Fallout 4 only recognizable for last few notes. Because others is too long without any others sounds that main theme have

  15. Why did the overwatch theme sound like star trek? Am I having some kind of stroke?

    I got halo, portal, Terraria, and fallout 4.

  16. Petition for a part 3 including touhou songs


  18. Living Tombstone FNAF song gives me a surge of nostalgia along with the CoC theme

  19. Dearly beloved gives me the chills I need always

  20. You cant do halo and not expect me to sing

  21. Dearly Beloved will always be my favorite game theme

  22. Damn this one was Hard unlike all the other video game piano qises

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