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HALFMAN’S SONG – Game Of Thrones Tyrion Lannister Song by Miracle Of Sound (Folk/Orchestral/Ballad)

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A haunting musical tribute to Tyrion Lannister of Game Of Thrones by Miracle Of Sound
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Half Man’s Song Copyright Gavin Dunne 2012

There are some who are born distinguished
There are some who are raised in praise
But me I was always the last in line
A blot in my father’s gaze

No cheekbones chiselled on a feline face
No skill or savvy with a sword
But this game we all play is won in wily ways
And sly is this littlest lord

Cruel tricks of romance
Degraded by their spite
You snub your cub too many times
You just might feel his bite…

Beware beware of the words I twist
I am small but my reach is long
And the ravens black against the winter’s mist
Are whispering the half-man’s song

Whispering the half man’s song…

The land is a blooming orchard
With fruits so juicy and ripe
With a clink of a coin loose the lion’s loin
Play a tune on the half man’s pipe

In the arms of a whore I made a promise
Sinking deeper into danger every day
Cut through all their shit with a brazen wit
Molding puppets from their minds of clay

I’m no man of honour
Myself is my true king
But somewhere deep within me
The bells of conscience ring

Beware beware of the words I twist
I am small but my reach is long
And the ravens black against the winter’s mist
Are whispering the half-man’s song

They’re whispering the half man’s song…
Whispering the half man’s song…


  1. Half man, I wonder who will guess what his other Half would be? ahaha

  2. Bro this was a fucking bop when I was in 8th grade. I'm glad I added this to my watch later list

  3. This videos is the best things left from the show!

  4. Too bad they buchered the show last few seasons LULW

  5. Tyrion: does anything
    Cersei: I'm about to end this half-man's whole career

  6. The evil little sneak survive the entire series😒

  7. And yet Tyrion is the only Lannister still surviving.

  8. This song fits the early seasons Tyrion, not to mention the novels Tyrion.

  9. Today is the day I play a Halfling Bard

  10. You should make a song about Tywin.


  12. I have never seen this show but I like this song

  13. Should have been the ending with Tyrion killing Khaleesi and burning the dragon.

    Fuck Jon Snow tho.

  14. I would really loved to see Tyrion hearing this.

  15. I recently found my way back to this channel. I would've thought this is already 7 years old, crazy

  16. a GREAT tritute to the great Tyrion Lannister(the one before season 8. Don't know who that was, but it was not Tyrion)

  17. Wer fühlt sich auch oft wie tyrion weil er anders ist und negativ auffällt ? 💔💔

  18. He's got little hands. Little eyes. But he walks around telling great big lies.

  19. I don’t know what show/movie this song is from but I like this song

  20. Whenever the credits sequence of GoT starts and Peter Dinklage isn't the first name that appears and I realise he isn't there in that episode….I'm Always Super Pissed!!

  21. Peter Dinklage is a handsome man, I'm sure I'm not the first person who thought that.

  22. Twas a simpler time when this was made. One of good writing, of a great show, and most important of all, a time before season 8.

  23. This song is one of the last pillars still holding game of thrones up for me…

    After these two shitheads teared everything down like old legos

  24. Remember when tyrion was a book character?

  25. A journey back to a better time. A time when Game of Thrones was fun to watch.

  26. Back when Game of Thrones was a good show.

  27. Tyrion: Ha! Chock in your stupid rains of Castamere Dad!

  28. Ребят, подскажите, какой струнный инструмент используется в этой композиции?

  29. Every time he says halfman I think of the halfmen from wheel of time

  30. Just imagine they would make a tv-series out of his or so!

  31. This was you as well! I remember this song!

  32. I've discovered Miracle of Sound with this song and it was the best thing, what could happend.

  33. The subtitels are hilarious here and there, Nicely made song

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