HALLOWEEN FOR KIDS! 👻🎃 Spooky Halloween Songs and Games | Lingokids - accordion-games.com

HALLOWEEN FOR KIDS! 👻🎃 Spooky Halloween Songs and Games | Lingokids

Lingokids Songs and Playlearning
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Halloween for kids | Spooky Halloween Songs and Games | Subscribe and playlearn with us! ➽ ​ | Songs for Kids and Nursery Rhymes Playlist ➽ | Get the Lingokids app and start the playlearning™ adventure! (iOS & Android) ➽

Trick or treat! It’s time to get spooky with the Lingokids friends and our Halloween activities for kids.

In this ‘Halloween for kids’ videos:
00:00 Lingokids Intro
00:02 Lingokids Halloween song
01:49 Crafts by Lingokids: How to draw a Pumpkin
05:48 Spell the Word Bat Lingokids App Game
06:26 Crafts by Lingokids: How to draw a Bat
09:53 Cat and Bat Lingokids Audiobook
10:57 Sort the blocks Halloween version Lingokids App Game
11:29 Catch the Match Halloween Lingokids App Game
13:14 Magic color potions
15:34 Itsy Bitsy Spider Song
17:12 Pastry Maker Lingokids App Game
19:11 Ten in Bed Song
21:24 Kitchen Mistery Lingokids Audiobook
22:22 Baa Baa Bedroom Lingokids Audiobook
23:26 Goodbye, Lingokids

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