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Halo Theme Song Original

Katlan Youssef
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  1. I came here because I saw a video on tiktok of a mma fighter that requested this as his intro. They played Beyonces song halo hahahaha so I just wanted to know what this was

  2. im here because of Mike Perry ..
    he wanted to have this played as his entrance fight song but they played Halo by Beyonce instead

  3. Deep in an alternate universe, a war begins.


  5. Mucha nostalgia me da cuando lo jugaba a mis 7 años con mi hermano mayor :((

  6. I was so high listening this with a friend, was maybe the best day of my life

  7. Honestly want this song to be humanity's anthem. 

    In a future where all nations are completely united fighting for the survival of our species against another civilization that terrorizes our existence in this galaxy. Morn the pain of war except this time, our species wasn't the catalyst of violence. 

    Our intellectual journey to transcendence must continue if were are to evolve with the universe

  8. What works about the music is it starts off slow, then builds to a crescendo before returning to the beginning again like it’s the cycle of war. The start, the chaos of battle, before it dies down for it all to start again

  9. My 2 year old nephew is addicted to this song and so am I

  10. The last halo level ever should be called "finishing this fight"

  11. Even if you hate Xbox and are a Playstation fan boy, there's no arguing this is still the Most Epic Theme! A true Masterpiece!

  12. Uno de los temas más epicos de la historia, que vivirá por siempre

  13. I know that this is the theme for the first Halo game, but I still want to say this, when I play Halo Reach, I don't just play it I'm in it as if like I am actually Noble Six, like as if I'm connected, like as if I am actually there killing the Covenant aliens

  14. One day, we'll hear this in a trailer for a certain platform fighter…

  15. Isso me lembra tanto Light Yagami por algum motivo que não sei.

  16. Old memories 😢 halo 3 and reach vs halo 4 and 5

  17. No matter your age, your Generation, we all come together to celebrate the glory that is this song. This has united the most unlikely allies, and will continue to do so, until the end of man. God bless this sacred game, and it's music.

  18. The Halo theme and Republic Commando theme.

    Simply perfect.

  19. Who else is here because Mike Perry request the Halo theme song but they played him Halo by beyonce instead 😂

  20. play elden ring ,*enter redmane castle* close the game and search this immediately

  21. Я помню как играл я сначала не понял что за игра а потом стал каждый день играть я играл в хало мне очень понравилось и я играл с другом какая это песня крутая я уже слушаю не первый раз это просто настольгия

  22. After the latest Halo tragedy, it's nice to see so many Kings here, still appreciating what we once had.

  23. This song makes me want to fly through space to give the Covenant back their bomb.

  24. Multiplayer before it was "multiplayer". The past generations goldeneye. Something Fortnite and games alike will never come close to.

  25. I want this to be the last song I remember right before I pass into the Halo universe

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