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Heavy Mental Music | Brain Games

National Geographic
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Think listening to classical music will improve your focus? Well, we’re putting this theory to the test.
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Heavy Mental Music | Brain Games

National Geographic


  1. Two another points to consider,1.while listening brain was also working for those codes and when they were asked again they got it2.they have heard about this myth and some believes so some thought that their 'IQ' is increased for a very short period of timeAlso this can be due to listening music only like any musicOr this can be someone's motive to spread this myth

  2. If one treats this kind of music as elevator incidental music (or under one of these popular pretenses such as "it helps me study"), it's not going to have any positive effect whatsoever on listeners. It's only after several listens and a lot of attention paid that one can finally truly appreciate its value and ingenuity. Even then, it will not make you smarter or more intelligent. It'll merely provide deeper awareness of an art often ignored and stereotyped.

  3. So dumb. It would obvious have to be a proper, gradual, controlled experiment.

  4. this is bs…
    of course more people got those bogus ass questions right the more they did it. play some rock music and the results will be the same.
    hows somebody even supposed to know what to do with that sort of question without first knowing what the logic behind them is?

  5. unfortunately, after listening to classical music, I didn't get any of them. "therefore" classical music doesn't work. it fucks up your brain.

  6. I don't use imperial system and English isn't my first language. And yes i failed every one of them except 24HIAD.

  7. I'm sorry, I didn't get ANY of them… And I PLAY classical music on a daily basis…

  8. Listening to death metal makes you healthier for the same reason that cats heal when they purr

  9. What episode is this? My friend and I would like to know for a school project and need to reference the episode.

  10. Realmente pobre el experimento, el resultado no se espera que sea inmediato, es algo que repercute a lo largo del tiempo..

  11. i got two of them but i live in canada so the last one was hard for me


  13. your don´t get smarter by only listening to one piece of classical music.. this is just a placebo-effect

  14. These brain games are awesome and i am addicted to watch them….thanks…😀😀

  15. Maybe they took the time to think about the questions while listening

  16. I don't know if it's because of the music or i'm just a dissapointment

  17. i got the 24 HIAD and the 26LITA, but i didnt get the 3fiay Cuz i use metric…….. :v

    who else uses metric?

  18. The last one was hard
    I don’t no American measurements

  19. Did anybody else click on this video because they thought the title said Heavy Metal Music?

  20. 3 F I A Y i thought it is "3 f(somthing) in a year)

  21. I want to see the full experiment. I think it would be interesting to see the results after the play the rock music.

  22. I got two out of three. The third one perplexed me a bit. We don't use the imperial system in Singapore.
    But we do use metric.

    – a metalhead

  23. I'm no english native speaker
    And i use the
    metric system

  24. The heavy metal got the same results I seen this episode it’s mental focus and it’s true

  25. This is such a bad experiment, it's not even conducted under experimental conditions. Why are they even creating this video, it shows or teaches nothing.

  26. It's not that listening to a certain king of music makes you intelligent. It is that you listen certain kind of music according to your intelligence.

  27. bad mic placement on that quartet. Come on, sound guy!

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