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Holding out for a hero – game music video

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Hi, guys, I know it has been a while since my last video…. but I hope you guys would enjoy my new piece just like the last one…. If you like my videos, subscribe, more will be coming out soon… Thank you all for the comments and support….. I would appreciate all suggestion on music and games….. Enjoy!

Video: starcraft 2; starwars: the old republic; the witcher; assassin’s creed 2; prototype; prience of persia; diablo 3

Audio: Holding out for a hero by Jennifer Saunders


  1. @Jenova Ikana The game from 0:10 to 0:13 was Prototype…not sure if you figured that out by now since you did post that question a year ago… :3

  2. Dose that are waiting for starcraft lotv say: I SURE DO BOY!

  3. mharo ito yung music na sinasabi ko

  4. Not sure the song's about the right kind of hero to include Alex Mercer…

  5. this is easy the best video for this song this is fucking brilliant I wish there was a trophy I could give you cos this is amazing

  6. All we need is Hero uppercutting and Enemy Shaman then this be'd perfect.

  7. eww…who is singing this?
    Bonnie Tyler way better…

  8. ewwwwwwwwww 😫😖 whos signing this orchestra crap. Bonnie Tyler is 9999999999 times better

  9. 23 miles from home, no car, got to be at work in 4 minutes!!! LOL!!

  10. No offense, but the music and the videos really don't match…

  11. This is a great video but all I can think of is Shrek 2 lol

  12. That mutalisk kill early in the video <3
    I never grow tired of this video.

  13. This is pretty cool but people are right it reminds you of Shrek 2 and it also reminds me of the sad ending to most of the very best video games that involve you having to save someone that is very important to the main character

  14. Sam Rockwell brought me here. In the movie, The Way Way Back, it's good and funny, three kids get stuck and he tells the customers the chorus part lol

  15. Where i work there was a poster saying how to safely lift heavy items and at the bottom it said "Don't Be A hero". Then i thought WTF, you've got to be joking, the thought of saving a woman's life and becoming a hero is the only thing i got going for me and now u want to take that away from me to. curse the person who ever came up with that saying. Oh by the way, I love the Video 2 thumbs up.

  16. They dont make them like they use to ( i speak about the song not the game btw)

  17. Good song and Bass gmvs Love fighting videos 😎 👍👊 👌

  18. whats that 3rd video where the girl is shot as she's on her knees? what game?


  20. Hey LikeAsura, i'd apricate if you responded to this
    I've started (as in, literally 2 hours ago) making 2 videos that are very similar to this. One will be on videogame hero's (to the original Bonnie Tyler record), and one on heroines (to the shrek version). I was just checking to see if this idea has been done before and i'm surprised that you're one of the few I could find!
    Like I said, i'm making my own game music video(s) in the same style, I hope that's cool with you. I'm not going to watch much of yours because I don't want you to feel like i'm stealing content. Hope that's all okay with you.

  21. If you listen to the lyrics, she is basically describing any heavy weapons guy character in any media, be it games, movies, or books.

  22. Want to do a GMV with our band? 😀🤘 I think it would be amazing!!

  23. so
    we got an antihero,
    a future villain,
    a thief,
    an assassin,
    and a speciesist military
    we definitely need a hero

  24. I do apreciate the Starcraft II cutscenes as well as the old republic ones

  25. ok, what game was that opening scene from? o can place all the others but not that one?

  26. Kerrigan: I NEED A HEROOOOOO


    Belay that order, we’re moving out.

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