How to Compose Pirate Game Music | Studio One 4.6 Tutorial -

How to Compose Pirate Game Music | Studio One 4.6 Tutorial

Mattias Holmgren
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Let’s break down a Pirate Game music loop I produced for Peak Games. We work with Studio One, but you can basically use any DAW to replicate this kind of music as long as you have the right samples. Importantly, we look at arrangement, chords, melody, instrumentation, layering. Furthermore, I explain why I selected the specific instruments for the cue.

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  1. How great you are Mattias, how much you have traveled in music and creation. Very proud that you are here today sharing with us of your epic works

  2. Mattias I can give you some Macros for Studio One, for the Toolbar, They are from a YouTube Channel. Very practical to work. Although I imagine you have yours, but maybe they might interest you, and they are free.

  3. Cool video, but I can hardly hear any of the music, it's substantially quieter than your voice in the video mix. 🙁

  4. Hey Matthias is simple major scale is enough to make this pirate music or we need complicated scale to make them by the way you use f m to make this

  5. Man you are a real inspiration! Congratulations, as always.

    Cauê Marganelli

  6. Did I spot a 3/4 time signature? For my own pirate track I used accordion and violin which are also some good piratey sounds. The only problem with this genre is that you are venturing into expensive sounds land as it normally is with orchestral libraries. Do you have any favorite sound libraries you would recommend for this type of music?

  7. Ableton has very useful feature for tracks like this one.
    'Render as Loop' lets you render the file as a loop including any effect tails.

  8. hah, that track is nice! love studio one too, works on that DAW many years 🙂

  9. I'm very grateful to have found this video. I have produced many tracks in this/similar genres and learned some good finer points here. IF you'd be so gracious: it seems a track like this is best served directly submitted to companies as opposed to being submitted to a library. What advice would you offer to someone in a similar situation who might not have contacts at game companies?? Thanks and I really enjoyed your video and have subscribed.

  10. Hey man! nice tutorials here on your channel! I am wondering, why do you use the Wacom tablet for navigation? I am using a trackball and it is very comfortable. And I remember the time when I have dropped the mouse and find trackball so much more easy to use in DAW. I want to try Wacom tablets for navigation. Can you tell me the pros and cons? Thanks in advance!

  11. Hi Mattias! Really nice pirate composition. Thanks for showing us the break down!

  12. Oh, he's a pirate! 🙂 Thank you very much, Mattias! Very informative video. Indeed it blows the winds with that pirate spirit 🙂 Now it mainly connected to Pirate Of the Caribbean trademark, but for me it reminds some good old games like, I think it was, Donkey Kong Country 2, with several levels somewhere in the pirate bay, just the same feeling. So glad to remember! Is the game you've written this theme for is an arcade or quest or something like this? It seems to be it should be 🙂

    Thank you also for reminding of answer-question concept, very useful in creating a complete melody line. I've heard it in several tutorials in Russian (though it's about application in pop music there), but it's mainly on the phrases of the same melody. And you present it on higher level, with primary and secondary music theme, and it indeed sounds very attractive and interesting. I personally love the secondary part, the answer, so much! It's kind of tricky and flowing away, which makes it particularly beautiful.

    Nice walkthrough, Mattias, thanks again for sharing it with us! I'm a little bit more back to work for last couple of weeks, but it's time to return 🙂 Have you played in some nice video game with equally developed and large world like back then, with kind of nice fairy tale story behind? I realize, such things could give me very bright emotions and imaginations, even inspire. Or maybe that's just the memories of the childhood 🙂 I don't have time to play at all, but would be nice to know, there're still some interesting games out there 🙂

    Have a nice week, my friend! Hope you're on good creative process this time. And real wonder, we have some snow finally! This is just normal winter now 🙂

  13. Underrated! Would love a Medieval-Game tutorial next

  14. heard the piece was like insta boom sub. Awesome ty for sharing!

  15. Would you release a version of this on your channel, I love this theme and would want to listen to it all the way through

  16. How to use time warp function for film scoring in studio one

  17. Fantastic video! I'm working on a pirate game with an organization I'm in and this was super insightful!

  18. Awesome video!
    The only downside is that your voice volume is way above of the instruments you're playing.

  19. Hello from Russia! Thanks for video and for subtitles 🙂

  20. Mattias a hug and greetings, I really liked this inspiration of yours, and working in Studio One is something beautiful. And of your many compositions it is an Honor to see you work on this one in particular, it is very beautiful. You always surprise us Thank you for this video

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