How to Create Game Music Loops -

How to Create Game Music Loops

Steven Melin
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Learn how to create seamless game music loops (with reverb tails!) ready to deliver to game developers.

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  1. How do you have the beginning of a song play once and the rest of the song seamlessly loop in audacity?? i've been trying on my own for 3 hours, and nothing online is helping.

  2. Question: don't MP3s automatically have gaps at the end of the file or am I missing something?

  3. Hey Steven!
    FINALLY releasing my first game music pack TODAY, super excited. I stalked some of your game packs and noticed you use this looping technique for all your soundcloud versions of the songs on your packs. Do you do that just to show the seamless loop but then just have one single take in the actual delivered song?


  4. When I play the track copied and pasted in audacity the loop is flawless but as soon as I export it and listen to it anywhere else there’s pops and gaps and I can’t figure out how to get rid of them. Anyone else having this issue? I’m exporting them as wav files for use in UE4.

  5. Wouldn't it be easier to loop it twice in your DAW so you have 3 instances of the piece, convert that to audio then cut out the middle bit so you have all the overlay on both sides?

  6. Why don’t you just zoom in till you can see a zero point, then click and drag to that point? Why use silence?

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