How to make Music for your Game - BOSCA CEOIL -

How to make Music for your Game – BOSCA CEOIL

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In this video we’ll make a small soundtrack using Bosca Ceoil.

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  1. This guy was teaching Unity tutorials when both of us were still in high school and before I even knew what that was or what I wanted to do with my life. Now that I have already graduated in game art and want to start making some of my own, I finally find this channel and he is already gone. God! I wish I found it when he started! If only I was into game dev when I still in high school, I could've grown along with this channel and it's creator and not feel like I lagged behind.

  2. I can't download it and I also can't use the web version

  3. my BOSCA CEOIL is not installing why .pls tell me someone

  4. why do i feel this workflow is basically just fl studio

  5. The download hyperlinks are broken.

    Edit: Nevermind, I just took someone else's advice and copied the link address and pasted it in a new tab.
    Edit 2: Aaand it's not compatible with the Mac I'm using, oh well.

  6. My Friend making the music of Mystery Game 😊

  7. I have never seen anyone bruteforce music with trial & error like that before haha!

  8. You can give me a year and i could probably create a decent sprite character. You could give me an eternity and wont be able to produce a single tone. Thats why i have so much respect for composers

  9. I took this to take revenge on my friend who rick rolled me and I rick rolled him back lol :/

  10. did the website broke? It doesn't work anymore.

  11. Now I just gotta learn how to make music that doesn't sound like blending a spoon

  12. I'm pretty sure the first 3 notes are the same from the inscription theme

  13. dunno why i know this but bosca ceoil is irish for music box

  14. I'm so thankful that there are amazing people in this world like Terry Cavanagh to make apps like this and people like Brackey's to show us how to use it, all for free.

  15. Bosca ceol is irish which translates to music box

  16. Bosca is Irish for box
    Said pretty much as it looks

    Ceoil is Irish for music
    It’s pronounced Keowul

  17. It’s nice that they have so many free programs for game development. It really helps being a game developer to have great tools like this.

  18. I am working on a small game rn. Code is mostly finished. Music is hell

  19. in 0:08 when you said Bosca it sounded like paska and in finnish it means shit.

  20. could it be that the site is not working anymore?

  21. Why is the download not working?!
    I click the link, go to download and click the windows download, and nothing happens

  22. For anyone who want to use this software now it will not download unless you go back to 2017- 19 on the wayback machine.

  23. Hey everyone! Hope you like this video even though it's a bit unusual 🙂

    More Unity tutorials coming up!

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