How To Make Music For Your Game -

How To Make Music For Your Game

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I really enjoy making music for my games, but not everybody knows how to do it! So in this video I will explain the steps i follow for how to make music for your game!

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Hi! I’m Valentine, a 19 year old indie game developer from the Netherlands. I like creating weird games and projects. I program, design en compose everything I do!

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  1. It took me so long to realize the piano music sheet said sus

  2. since I can't sell my kidneys I'm using another app for creating the music, but thank you for the tutorial, its pretty good with the explanations

  3. could you do a full tutorial on how to start doing indie music for games ? in example, what are the acronyms used when making music, what this does, what that does on fl studio etc, i really can't find how to start

  4. This sounds like a town theme with a Papa Louie's vibe

  5. can you make a tutorial where you dont got to sell your kidneys?

  6. dude I think we have so much in common, I'm using FL studio tho for making my own indie game's soundtrack, currently I'm still struggling developing my yt channel about gamedev lolAre you also using Unity and Blender? We may doing some collab if you wanted too

  7. Alr I get it but what Soundfont do you use? 🙂

  8. That sounds way more like a beach theme than a Pokémon battle theme.

  9. I feel like some parts of the video are streched a bit boring, like actually listening to the full loops before assembling them. They sound boring without the company, so I think only listening to a fraction of them would make your video's pacing a lot better.
    That mouse movement is really fun tho. I would've stopped watching without it midway, tbh.

  10. I made a music for a game once (had only a weekend) and I do recommend starting from the bass when you have no idea on what kind of melody you're thinking of. Otherwise, just give some basic bass melodies and look for substitutes if you wanna make it sound crunchy/funky or anything.I still have to sell my kidneys to buy FL studio tho, but great video!

  11. Your description has a typo. You said you enjoy making video for your games. I guess you meant you enjoy making music for your games.
    Nice song btw! Has a really nice tropical vibe to it.

  12. Your description has a typo. You said you enjoy making video for your games. I guess you meant you enjoy making music for your games.
    Nice song btw! Has a really nice tropical vibe to it.

  13. This video was great! Both the information and humor were on point! Also I found the pacing to be great.

  14. A few seconds into the video and I could tell you were dutch ! :p

  15. I might have to steal i mean use your game music

  16. Step 3 should have been
    You are a pirate but whatever

  17. How did you get those sounds? Please tell me they are free 🙁

  18. what you made sounds like something out of yoshis island

  19. If you play multiple notes at once in the bass frequency it gets muddy so it's highly recommended to not layer and harmonize the bass like you could with a melody, keep the bass one note at a time.

  20. Thank you Valentine. Very cool video. Now I just need another tutorial on how to get my kidneys back.

  21. One thing, you didn't mention eq which is one of the most important things in music.

  22. Reminds me of Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga

  23. Why would i feel like this would be titled “Nevada Island | Main Menu Official OST”

  24. I would use the program that DM DOKURO used in his music

  25. I loved this video and you have A GREAT Ear!! This was an insightful tutorial! I had about the same understanding you had! I heard your 2 music choices and you are so right that they are similar sounding and you made a VERY Good and ORIGINAL Battle theme!! Not surprised it would end up in ACTUAL game! Sounds REAL!

  26. OMG this is actually cool! I have ableton instead! And it's easy to use! Btw I'm making on right now LOL!

  27. That song was pretty good, dude. Just like this video, actually. 👍

  28. Everyone have their methods, but there is always basics, so for people who wants to make this kind of music its a very good explanation, so thank you a lot for it!

  29. Tip: for battle music or boss battle music, it doesn’t have to be intense, it can sound fun or like classical music (like Cynthia’s theme)

  30. I just spam random notes and when there's something barely humanly enjoyable I go ALRIGHT,

  31. This whole video's just exposing nearly everything as I do as a composer honestly… And probably every other composer out there.

  32. just to say, if you wan to make video game music, you need to have MUSICAL THEORY KNOWDLEGE

  33. Is there an app that can do that stuff but is free.

  34. so what have I learned? I need to make money before listening to any bit of advice.

  35. I am still trying to figure out if this is a tutorial or a joke. I love your humor bro xD

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