How to play music while your playing games on your PSP (xxANOLIFEPSPxx) -

How to play music while your playing games on your PSP (xxANOLIFEPSPxx)

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Hello youtube, this is xxANOLIFEPSPxx aka pspslim hacks.
This video is a redo of my old one on How to play music while playing your games on the PSP.

To do this you need:
-PSP with CTF (custom firmware)
-USB cable
-Memory Stick

1. Download the file from megaupload:

-You need Winrar to extract the file after you finish downloading
2. Extract the file to the desktop, and you should have a folder name “seplugins”
3. Connect your PSP to the computer
4. Go to the root of your memory stick
5. Copy and paste (or drag it) the “seplugins” folder (you downloaded) to the root of your memory stick.


  1. @surikatas93 No problem, Please Subscribe (it really helps me ) Thanks

  2. Haha idk whats wrong… i copied the VSH code line into my seplugins VSH file and the GAME text into my seplugins. I went into recovery mode and enabled the [VSH] and [GAME] plugin. I go on my psp xmb and hold select and left trigger and nothing happens. All i see is the orange light flashing rapidly. Oh and i do have music btw.

  3. @xxxx0xpur3 hmmm try formating the ms and do it again

  4. @pspslimhacks Nah dude its OK because i don't really play that much games on my psp haha. I think its because it does not support my cfw (5.00 M33-6).

  5. is there a way that i can do that but for only OFW???? plz answer bak

  6. i have 6.60 pro-B9 but if i press R nothing happens 🙁

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