How To Read Music [With a Mind-Blowing GAME] -

How To Read Music [With a Mind-Blowing GAME]

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Is it fun to learn how to read music? Well, with this awesome game, it is really fun. In this lesson, you will learn how to read and write musical notes on the music staff. With this jaw-dropping lesson, you will be able to read sheet music like a pro. We cover all the main clefs:

– Treble clef (G clef)
– Bass clef (F clef)
– C clef

At the end of the video, we show you the free online game that teaches you how to read music fast.

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  1. Spaces = F A C ELines = Every Good Boy Deserves FudgeThats how we learnt at School.

  2. I’ve never been able to read music but now I’m really getting it! Thank you!

  3. Quite informative while not getting too complicated. Thankss

  4. video from 2016
    Can you connect MIDI piano to this game?
    you can do like a licence to "Steam games" if is in the price range I'll buy it.
    sigth reading so important practice reading and not seeing piano is another skill to build….

  5. Very good, really easy to understand yet complete. Many thanks

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