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I Made A RAP MUSIC VIDEO For This Game

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Friday Night Funkin is a FIRE videogame it even turned me into a rapper.
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  1. When is the next FNF vid dude I’m so inpatient

  2. why is it that all the popular YouTubers suck at this game, while everyone else can get it in ten seconds, like normal mode is so slow I miss cuz I press too early

  3. I can confirm this game is a lot harder than it looks

  4. I love daddy dearist he has the nices voice and you inspire me I want to be a gamer when I grow up!.

  5. Lol when jack put week1 on hard mommy I’m scared take me home

  6. FŪKY NIGHT… ?
    FRIDAY– ? 🧐

  7. I was looking forward to more of this, even if you sucked 🙁

  8. Dude you could easily make it in the music industry

  9. Jack: I’ll come back
    Me: November 16 👁👄👁

  10. He has not seen trickys mod and Jack if you want see trickys mod its hell just like hellclown and expergation

  11. Does anyone else think it’s weird to see jack actually cursing?🤨

  12. Wow I'm an fnf fan this is the greatest video I've ever seen

  13. This is so funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😆😂

  14. I hate fnf, but this the only song I like from it

  15. Jack I hope you play this game again and if you do I suggest playing it on the Psyche engine because its basically the normal game but more optimized and it even has achievements as a bit of a bonus.

  16. Shoutout to my boy CoryKenshin for inspiring the intro!

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