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I Made an INSANE Music Festival… In a VIDEO GAME!

Steve Terreberry
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Today we make our OWN music festival in ‘Festival Tycoon’! Let’s METAL!!!!
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  1. u should play planet coaster if u like to torture people i mean make them go on fun ride definitely not brake ever bone in their body

  2. 0:00 steve: hey what's going on guys 2 solid seconds of silence I ASKED YOU A QUESTION/ Me: Good why are you quiet WOAH!

  3. funny times, Stevie's videos always get better towards the end

  4. here me out on this videob

    And welcome to lets game it out

  5. Stop staring at my soapy sutty nippy mcnipplesons

  6. Really wanted to see how much money he made from that 😃

  7. Happy Late Birthday!!!!! 🎂🎈

  8. The way Stevie uses his SM7b triggers me a bit ahah ! But as long as the video's good, I'll pass on it !

  9. We never have a day that he never makes me wanna laugh

  10. Did you say Stone Hedge? …( Hog? Warts? ) i DUNNO, Just fartin around but it is Henge.

  11. 13:39 I swear I’ve replayed that part probably over 100 times now 😂

  12. Really quick question, How do you put your own custom images into the game? I'm trying to figure it out

  13. I wonder how much he profited from that last festival

  14. ironically, this was the only video where I answered the "Hey what's going on, I'm stevie T"

  15. Hilarious 😂😂😂😂 best vid I've seen yet

  16. Now opening for Stevie T, please welcome APEN!! OPEN UP THE PIT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. You should make a gaming channel and comedy one you're so funny

  18. Oh, poo! I was hoping that Chad Chadson and the Chads would come play!

  19. Nobody:
    Stevie t: * does every guitar technique in 1 solo *

  20. Need a vocalist for that breakdown🔥🔥🔥

  21. “where can you find 2 moms and a pen” a pta meeting😂

  22. I will defintely go to steve terreberry concert😀

  23. Haii Steve T its Tyler …I was wondering what city you are currently living in … i love your videos ! Rock on <3

  24. Two girls one cup? Nah❌ two moms one pen, yeah✅

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