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I Played The WORST Rated Music Games on Steam!

Steve Terreberry
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Stevie T gets frustrated playing the WORST rated music games on Steam!! Go to to get a 2-year plan plus 4 additional months with a huge discount!
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  1. I wish Stevie would do more music game let's plays xD

  2. Man, you have a way of product placement!

  3. SteveT: "No one plays bad games"
    AVGN: "Hold my Rolling Rock "

  4. That tongue click at the end was oddly satisfying xD

  5. Hay steve did you ever think about starting your own metal band u play so well and your voice sounds great u should do it

  6. At 1:26 I like how there's a fucking weed bong on the table 🤣

  7. Stevie T: Nobody ever CHOOSES to play CRAPPY games!

    AVGN: Now that's just a shitload of FUCK!

  8. Omg the abc and the animal sounds vids are so funny just hearing jbudbufbyrgvygfyvbhfbfyg makes me laugh

  9. stevie t's instrument names: Shakuhaki Glockenspoogiewoogiedoogiedoogie taco drum anagoogoo kalimbrrrackety english kapuka orchestra krrriip frettless spabookie bras shshshhsshsh
    my favorate was the orchestra krrriip

  10. man i watched you since 3 years ago and i came back today to check and you still upload videos!

  11. Hey Steve, can you do a vid about this Australian Alternative R&B/rock/pop/rap/production trio called Chase Atlantic, hit me back, Thanks

  12. No matter how bad the first two game is, they are still "playable", unlike that Piano Simulator shit 🤣

  13. You should listen to the greatest band ever Nut Blood and their one hit wonder Penis Music

  14. You should totally play my singing monsters or something

  15. This was the first time there was a good skit for an add of his

  16. Stage Fright isn't that bad tho, it's ok I think… Combining rhythm and horror game is a rather unique thing to do… I think the game just needs some polishing, like a better chart and story for example, it got some potential…

  17. I think i'd rather pay a cat to scratch my eyes out than play those games 😂💀

  18. Writing songs with his fists like I imagine a gorilla would do it 😀

  19. Yes, you DO say "go buy AN used instrument" when it says "A used" so you really talk that way 🙂

  20. That last game seemed to be okay. Stage Fright indeed.

  21. Hey Steve can yo please make a vid on how to be guns n roses any ways keep up the good work

  22. Have you played Rocksmith it let's you play real guitar and bass ?

  23. Yeah… no it only works for normal people… 😂 the nord vpn can be access by any government of or foreign policy of that nation… 🤷‍♂️

  24. I would of used it a long time ago if no one said anything or realized it was a thing

  25. They aren’t suppose to be using vpn for other countries.

  26. that first song you made there would sound like Why You Never Became a Dancer lmfao

  27. Bro that photo at 15:05 is so creepy and out of place I jumped a little when I saw it

  28. Hey, the protagonist of Rapstar Tycoon is Marshall Mathers, the G.O.A.T. EMINEM.

  29. Petition for Stevie to make a gamer channel


  30. BAHAHAHAHAH you’re amazing and hilarious!! been watching your videos ever since 2018! ❤️

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