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If Minecraft was a Rhythm Game | Clean Bandit – Higher feat. iann dior

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I spent over a month creating this Minecraft world synchronized to the beat of the Higher feat. Iain Dior by Clean Bandit. This is my first time using the Create mod for Minecraft. It brings so many incredible possibilities to the game, I can’t recommend it enough. I have 52 failed attempts. The section I failed at the most was the trident throw at the target that opens up the second underwater tunnel, but all the tricks had many fails. This is the only take I made it all the way through with no mistakes.

Thank you Clean Bandit and Atlantic UK for sponsoring this video. It was a lot of fun thinking of ways to synchronize to it. I took inspiration from the original music video. Stream or download “Higher” feat. iann dior: ​


Recorded in Forge Version 34.1.0
Shader Used: BSL v7.1.04.1 for Minecraft Java Edition
Create Mod:
World Download:
Resource Pack:

Schematics used
Sailboat at the start:
Yacht at the end:

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