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If Portal 2 was a Rhythm Game (Synchronized Music Map)

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After months of work I’m finally done. The native Portal 2 map editor didn’t allow enough precision for me to synchronize to the music, so I learned how to use Valve’s Hammer editor for this project.

The quality of this video was upscaled from HD to 4k because YouTube grants higher bitrates at this quality. I also think it may have solved some audio shifting issues.

Portal 2 Remix – Reconstructing Science Remix (Futuristic Orchestra)
By Plasma3Music Remixes
Song Link:
Plasma3Music’s Channel:
Thank you for giving permission for all to use this music!

If you’d like to try out the maps I made for yourself, I will post the map files for my patrons:
Note: The music is not integrated into the map itself, but must be run externally. I attached the code I used, which plays the music and starts the character moving forward at the same time.

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  1. amazing portal 2 rhythm game and synchronized map.

  2. Me during the portaling into other parts of the game: Now wait a minute. that isn't possible 😊

  3. Wow I'm a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig. Fan of. Portal and portal 2!!!!!!!!!

  4. As soon as i saw the level chosen at 3:03 my mind went to burning lifes house down with lemons ; )

  5. Imagine how difficult it is to get the right timing between the velocity during the flight and the melody

  6. Major vibes of that Minecraft fnaf rollercoaster vid, it's so cool

  7. better than gd if you can get this into the public it would be so cool

  8. My dude literally said:
    "Portal? Huh…give me three minutes."

  9. he even got to the real chambers what how!

  10. GLADOS: you will not beat thi- Wheatley: let’s make this harder

  11. Portal 2 does actually have rythemomments, it helps the player know if they are doing something right.

  12. this is really cool, i would have never thought of this, quite creative!

  13. I.

  14. "Portal 3 pls Valve" at the end is brilliant

  15. as someone who uses the hammer editor, it hurts me on a spiritual level to see those unaligned textures

  16. he literally overlaid the music above the game like with editing software

  17. the music is very good and i really like portal 2

  18. this gotta be your hardest one yet, kus in this one, somethings you couldnt plan ahead, you had to do in the right time… damn…

  19. When he does a transition in to the wheatly Fight how the hell did he still had a potato on his portal gun

  20. I think this music will be in a movie soon

  21. Well, You can be expecting both Portal 3 & Portal+.

  22. Imma say he ported the levels into a single map and made some special stuff happen with triggers and autoportals.

  23. This is too good
    For a second I thought this was made by the game devs
    And someone found a way to make it sync
    But then I saw the bouncing ball cores and though “No way”
    Then I checked the title

  24. How to do your first portal 2 speed run super easy tutorial

    2:37 The basics

  25. legitimately one of the best portal videos I've seen, so satisfying

  26. Are there even a music video doodle have made that is 1 hour long

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