Incredible Video Game Music on A Lot of Instruments! -

Incredible Video Game Music on A Lot of Instruments!

Joe Porter
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I hope you enjoy these awesome Video Game Music Themes! Wow, these were fun to play!
– Handpans by @Ayasa Instruments

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Hope you enjoyed all of the Incredible Video Game Music Themes with A Lot of Instruments!


  1. Bro first one sounds a lot like slime rancher

  2. Buddy do me a favor and put some high hats on your drum

  3. ive never head that roblox song but 2 is loonboon from pvz, dont know 3, 4 is probably something from doom, 5 is sonic I believe

  4. Dude! That PvZ brought back so many memories

  5. Someone made a pvz jazz composition it genuinely so good.

  6. not only was this posted on my bday but the 2nd song is from my favorite game of all time and the first game I ever played, go figure!

  7. That’s so crazy your switch times are insane the cymbal was still vibrating when you started playing sonic and it was so clean too it’s like a perfect speedrun

  8. The only thing they fear is how harsh the tonal shift is from Genshin Impact to the Doom Impact.

  9. i wonder if joe is related to breaking bad soundtrack creator dave porter

  10. I love the original PvZ a lot, it was one of the first real video games I owned. I always wondered how they got those noises, now I know it’s a slapaphone, or a synth of one.

  11. Обнулился телефон Я играю says:

    0:25 Get acquainted, this is Sanya

  12. If I were you I would add more nintendo switch games and ps5 games out of music.

  13. That cymbal placement on the drumkit makes me feel uneasy

  14. The 1 person that watches Joe and plays genshin Impace: THANK YOU

  15. Why did the doom eternal section fill me with the overwhelming desire to commit war crimes against demons?

  16. Bro I’m so surprised you did the greatest strategy by Badliz most Roblox players don’t even know that song because it’s so old. I am actually making a orchestrated version of it on MuseScore with a hammered dulcimer as the main part. It’s funny because you were the one who originally inspired me to use a hammered dulcimer for that song.

  17. If you’ve never heard no.2 aka loonboon you had a bad childhood

  18. You should try to do a version of super gore nest

  19. Damn the third one lol I was thinking it was "i am setsuna" but turns out it's the game i play everyday lmao

  20. Finally i have been waiting months until you do green hil from sonic the hedgehog

  21. I loved the doom enteral rendition keep doing great work

  22. do the entirety of the only thing they fear is you

  23. for the first one i guessed slime rancher

  24. loonboon was fucking great. huge props. need a full cover

  25. Bruh when number 2 came on I literally heard the first few notes and knew it was loon boom I’m such a pvz nerd lol

  26. Fun fact: I recognized most of these because of famous roblox games that uses them. The second one i didnt even know the origin of because of it

  27. Loonboon sounded like from a "Plants vs. Skeletons" sequel


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