Instant Mozart: Music Games for Children -

Instant Mozart: Music Games for Children

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A series of new games and software are designed to engage children who may have little or no experience playing a musical instrument in the act of composing. Photo: ThinkFun Video: Denise Blostein

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  1. Writing music is a lot easier and more intuitive if you start with a motif seed. Instead of conjuring up every note and bar from your imagination, all you have to do is let the motif indicate what the next branch is, and then trace out the whole tree wherever it leads you. By using one motif and rearranging it, the music is guaranteed to be fractal, because it was built using the same system of cascading self-similarity that is found in the geometry of nature.

  2. I love playing "Compose Yourself" with my piano students. They get so excited to be able to hear their compositions instantly with a full orchestra.

  3. what a fabulous idea! My young students would adore doing this!

  4. I really want to purchase and use this program with my piano students, but I have been carefully teaching them to not write notes that look like lollipops, or upside down lollipops. I really want them to see correct notation.

  5. "Your style has changed; it's so much better!"

  6. twosetviolin need to try this and review how legit is this

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